Marathon Training Officially Kicks Off!

This week officially kicked off my 18 week training program for the Chicago Marathon, which will be followed by a 9 week program for the Tucson Marathon.

I am working with an avid runner and Ultra Marathoner from Des Moines to develop a program to help me reach my goals for these races.  We finalized the plan earlier this week and I am entering entirely new territories for me!

A typical week of training will look like this:

Sunday: short run at an easy pace & strength training

Monday: a slightly longer run at an easy pace

Tuesday: short run at an easy pace & strength training

Wednesday: hill repeats or 800 meter drills (speed training)

Thursday: strength training (rest)

Friday: run at race pace

Saturday: long run

I have never done anything more than just log miles- so incorporating hill repeats and 800 meter drills and runs at race pace will definitely challenge me and keep my training interesting for the duration!

I am only hoping at this point that I can stay injury free and keep my body healthy for what I’m about to put it through.

This week hasn’t been so rigorous, coming off the Dam to Dam race last Saturday, I am giving my legs time to recover.  I ran 5 miles yesterday and 3 miles this morning- both at an easy pace.  AND both runs have felt the equivalent of running through mud!  My legs are tired!  I am hoping by next week all is feeling back to normal…

Tomorrow morning, I am getting up at 4 to get my long run in (8 miles this week) before I leave for a work conference this weekend (I don’t anticipate time to run during this conference but am hopeful I may get 3 miles in at least 2 days).   Hopefully I’ll get to “rest my eyes” in the car on the way to Bettendorf- as my mom used to say when she didn’t want to admit she’d fallen asleep on the couch- I’ll let you know how it goes…


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