“Uh Oh! We’ve Got a Gimper…”

Ice bath, X-rays, physical therapy, and cortisone patches- oh my!  Not quite the day I expected, that’s for sure!

This morning I set out to do my long run- 13 miles. I was a little intimidated after a brutal week at work that didn’t leave time for me to get my regular workout routine in and after Monday’s failed attempt at trying new shoes and bringing on the worst shin splints I ever experienced.

I started out at 4:40 am with Bisou and ran her 2 miles.  I noticed my ankle was hurting when I got home with her and started questioning whether I should attempt another 11 miles with my running buddies.  I figured they were both runners and would have some sound advice so I started out to our meeting spot.  It hurt to put weight on my ankle getting out of the car… uh oh!  I explained what I was feeling to the 2 girls I was planning to run with and they made a quick decision to run our route in reverse so that if it was painful, I’d have an early out back to my car.  Once I learned the route, I knew I’d be ok because we were also running past my neighborhood half way through the run so I knew I could just go home at the point if needed too…

The first mile felt strange, then I felt nothing- no pain!  Yay!  I was starting to convince myself it was just another “mental monkey”.  The rest of the run felt fine- granted, we have a heat index of like 106 degrees today, so it was HOT!  Even at 5:00 am, but overall, the 13 miles went really well!

Once we stopped though, the pain settled back in and I couldn’t put weight on my ankle again. 

I got home and did something I NEVER thought I would do- I started drawing myself an ice bath.  You see- I’m cold ALL the time!  So, the concept of an ice bath is just insane to me!  But, at this point I was willing to try anything!  I bundled up and jumped in the tub with my running clothes still on.

Amazing, I felt brand new afterwards!  Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the pain to come back.  So, I called my doctor and thankfully was able to get in within a few hours. 

THEN, I have to admit… I laid down on the floor and had a COMPLETE meltdown.  Tears and all- oh yeah.  Woe me… even though I knew I brought this on myself.  I knew it didn’t feel right with those shoes on Monday and I knew I went a mile longer than I should have in them.

So, limping, off to the doctor I went.  The first thing out of the nurse’s mouth was “uh oh- we have a gimper!”  Well, at least she thought this was funny!  Ok, admittedly, I thought that was pretty funny too.  🙂 I have to side track here for a moment and just say that I really love my doctor!  She knows me and she knew immediately how upsetting this would be for me.  She asked when my next race was- I said a week from Sunday I’m registered for a half marathon and told her about my goal to increase times.  Without hesitating she said we’re gonna be aggressive and proactive to keep me on my track for my goals.

She moved my ankle and foot around and ordered some x-rays (for good measure, she said).  She said it’s most likely a strained muscle and she was gonna blame the new footwear.  See- she knew I was the idiot that tried new footwear in the midst of training and still, smiled with a raised eyebrow and proclaimed it was the shoe’s fault- not mine!  She also prescribed physical therapy and anti-inflammatory meds.

I went off for some bone pictures (aka x-rays) and headed across the hall to physical therapy, where the immediately got me in.  After explaining how I injured myself, I got set up with a cortisone patch treatment and some stretches.  I’ll go back to PT twice in the next week before the half marathon in Milwaukee… and then, it’ll be go time!  Until then, I think a few rest days are just what the doctor (and the PT) ordered!


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