I’m Bummed…

My “test run” did not go well this morning.  No sugar coating it.  I knew at a half mile that I can not push it and run the half marathon in Milwaukee this weekend.

It’s not my ankle either that bugging me.  It’s this muscle that runs along your shin.  The PT pressed on it yesterday and it was sore- then she pressed on the same muscle on the non-injured leg and that was sore- although, not near as sore as the injured leg felt.  As soon as I got home I could not put any weight on my leg.  I had to sit to shave and to put my leg in my shorts!  Silly- I know!

I called the PT’s office as soon as they opened at 8:00 this morning.  She agreed, no running this weekend.  Not much they could do today except another cortisone treatment to take out any inflammation… I decided I could get by with ice and rest this weekend.  I have another appointment already set up for next week Tuesday.

I also revised my “plan” with my running coach.  Chicago will now be a training run for Tuscon and in Tuscon I’ll really push it and try to meet my goal.  I’m bummed.  What can I say.  I guess nothing else at this point.

On a positive note, Miss Bisou was SO excited that she got to go on a run this morning.  I do have to say, she kept me on a good pace- even with the tightness along the shin, we maintained 8:30 min mile average. 

More later- I’ll try my best not to whine next post about not running the half marathon 😦


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