Wrapped feet… and HOPE

Injury update:  I went and saw a podiatrist today who is also a local track coach- so very familiar with running injuries.  He didn’t sugar coat anything.  I did this to myself by trying out minimalist shoes.  He is not a fan.  In fact, I learned a Ton about feet during my visit.  Kenyans can get away with running barefoot because their feet are actually MUCH different from our American feet.  Their toes are similar to our thumbs- in fact, their feet could function much like our fingers do- pick up stuff.  American feet and American toes cannot do that and thus are not better off going the minimalist craze.  Amazing!  🙂

I also over-pronate in.  No, this is not the medical term.  I forgot it already, but basically, I stand, walk, and run with my knees and my toes pointing inward.  So, a shoe with a higher heel wedge is actually probably what I need.  I need more of a stabilizing shoe because of this. 

So, what did he suggest to get me on the fast mend?  He wrapped my feet- here’s a pic:

The bottoms are covered as are the sides up to about the mid-point where the strip comes around the front.  I am to keep these wraps on my feet for 3-4 days and report at my next appointment the difference I feel.  Let me tell, showering is going to be pretty darn interesting!  I am supposed to keep the wraps as dry as possible, which means covering them with Saran wrap before showering.  Hopefully it cools off some or I could end up with some stinky feet- hahahaha 🙂

Anyways, the Dr. says he thinks I feel an incredible difference by this “support”… I’ll let you know how it goes.  Granted, it’s been about 3 hours now and I haven’t felt a difference.  I’ve also been on my feet for 2 of the 3 hours so that could have something to do with it.  Oh!  And good news!  The Dr. doesn’t think I need to take all that much time off!  He says once I feel better to (first, go back to my Nike’s) and try 2-3 miles and start over slow and work my way back to my level of training.  EXCELLENT!  In the meantime, I can go to spin class as long as it doesnt’ hurt, etc.  I should even be able to get poor Bisou out for some MUCH needed walks.

I go back for a follow-up appointment next week Wednesday.  I’m supposed to bring in my running and my spenco orthopedic inserts I wear and we’ll discuss the proper running shoes for me.  I sure hope he’s right and by next Wednesday I’ll be good to go (slowly, of course).

He did also strongly urge me to get off all caffeine due to my Reynaud’s (poor circulation, numbness, loss of feelings in fingers and toes).  I told him that was going to be hard since an I.V. of coffee is what gets me going in the morning… I apologize in advance to anyone who sees me in the mornings as I try to cut back on my one vice… it’s gonna be a trial for sure!



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