Cautiously Optimistic

I had my follow-up appointment with the podiatrist yesterday.  His diagnosis is Post-Tib Tendonitis and Shin Splints.  So, really, nothing major and nothing that will prevent me from running.  He first recommended getting out of the “boot” and showed me new strength and stretching exercises.  I also have new inserts for my running shoes- turns out the ones I’ve been using for the past 2 ½ years were on the right track, just not providing as much support as I need.  He also looked at my running shoes- I brought in my old Nike Air Moto’s and my new Mizuno Wave Rider’s and turns out those are exactly the type of shoe I need.  Both are stability shoes and he said there isn’t any difference between them except the color and the name of the manufacturer- so whew!  I guess I didn’t mess that one up!  🙂 Although, he did give another warning about the minimalist shoes I tried out.

Before I left, I asked him to look over my revised training plan.  I explained to him that I was still hoping by August 1st to be in shape to start running and keep my plan of running both Chicago and Tucson.  I also shared with him that the physical therapist thought I should scale back, sit out Chicago and then ramp up for Tucson.  The doctor looked at the plan and said there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be ready to run Chicago.  He said the plan I’ve put together is not aggressive and with the current shape I’m in physically and cardiovascularly, I should be fine.  The key will be to listen to my body (something I’m hearing over and over- it’ll sink in one of these days!!)  He also said to take the hill repeats out of my training.  Hills will aggravate my injury and he said for the races I’m running, no hill work is necessary- he did say I could do the tempo and 800 drills for speed work.

So… with that said, I am beginning to feel cautiously optimistic!  🙂 I am still taking it easy this week to give myself 2 weeks off from using my strained muscle.  I think I’ll get back in the pool again tomorrow morning for another “run” and then I’ll head out on Saturday for RAGBRAI (which both the doctor and the pt are in agreement should be just fine as cycling is less impact than running).  And then… God willing, I’ll be hitting the pavement again on Monday, August 1st.  To get started, I might do a few days on the road and a few days in the water- I’ll just “listen to my body” to figure it out.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with RAGBRAI- it’s the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  For one week, Sunday –Saturday, my friend and I will be biking across Iowa- literally.  The ride averages between 55- 70 miles each day for a total of about 472 miles.  Each overnight town hosts a mini “carnival” type event for riders- I’m getting pretty excited to start my summer vacation 🙂   I’ll be sure to post a recap of the week when I get back!


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