Compression Sleeves

Ok, I’m ready to try anything to get rid of the shin splints for good.  I took to the internet for some researching- originally thinking about kinsetic tape.  Um, that’s expensive and a LOT of work to tape your shins.  I’m more of a get up and go gal, so adding about an extra 15-20 minutes each morning pre-run, well, that just seemed excessive 🙂

Plus, I had emailed my physical therapist for his thoughts on taping and he said research as to whether it works is really inconclusive.  It didn’t seal the deal for me.

During my research, I came across compression sleeves.  In particular, Zensah shin splint compression sleeves.  The reviews are all positive and I also read blogs similar to mine- runners just sharing their stories- who had great experiences with this product.  Here is a link to the blog that sold me on buying a pair of these- this runner seemed to have the same problem I’m having AND he ran Boston 🙂

They arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am anxious to try them on my long run tomorrow!! I admit, I maybe a little overzealous at this point of the results I expect out of them.  I’ll be sure to let you know if they live up to what I’ve read about them.  Oh, and of course, I had to order the hot pink pair- I’ll post a pic 🙂


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