This Isn’t Supposed to be Easy…

That’s what my “mantra” was this morning during my 2 mile pace run. I started the day teaching spin class at 5:45- this wasn’t planned, I got a call last night and the Director was not taking a no for an answer. So, that left me scrambling to figure out how I was going to get my speed work in today and teach class without getting up at 4am to do it all!

 The alarm did go off at 4 this morning. I hadn’t figured out anything brilliant before I went to sleep last night. But, in the early hours (and probably more like it, my lazy bones) I concocted the perfect plan to go to spin, get nice and warmed up and then do a 2 mile sprint at my race pace. My training schedule called for a 4 mile pace run, so I forewent the extra 2 miles as a warm up and cool down in exchange for spin class.

 I also incorporated 2 long songs of sprints during my spin class. The second time around, there were a lot of grunts and “really, more??” I just smiled and explained to them they are helping me stay on my training schedule and I pushed them through it.

I got home, changed into my running shoes, put Bisou on a leash and started off. My shin was pretty tight and I felt like I was limping the first 1/8 of the mile, then I started my watch and just took off. My race pace goal is 7:57/mile. I stole glances at my watch throughout the run to make sure I was on target and I was fluctuating between 7:16 and 8:00 paces. Not bad! About a mile in, I started thinking, well, since I did spin, I could probably stop at a mile and a half and be good. No! I told myself I could keep going, it was only another half mile. And that last half mile was hard 🙂 In a good way! I kept telling myself “this isn’t supposed to be easy!” and coming through those last miles during the marathon, I’m going to feel like this. Would I stop then? NO! So, I pushed through. And my average pace for the 2 miles was 7:42! YAY!!! Gold star for me today 🙂 

Taking Bisou on the pace run was another new experience for me too… I wasn’t sure how I would do handling her, keeping track of my pace on my watch, and well, not fall down. And I wasn’t sure how she would do- I’ve never pushed her that fast before. Of course, she was the rockstar on the run. While I was panting and breathing hard, she was running easy. Figures 🙂


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