Mastering the Tempo Run

This morning I attempted another Tempo run.  I blogged about my experience last time and how I did it entirely wrong.  A 40 minute Tempo was on the training schedule again this week, so I asked some running buddies what their interpretation of a Tempo run is and felt that I had a good handle on how to tackle this morning’s workout.

I headed to the gym so that I could really monitor my pace and stay on track.  I started at a 9:13 pace for a 10 minute warm-up.  After the warm up, I bumped up my speed about 20 seconds.  I continued to do this every 2 minutes until I heat my peak at the halfway mark (20 minutes into the workout)- a 7:13 pace.  I held the 7:13 pace for 3 minutes and then began to slow down- lowering my speed by 20 seconds every couple of minutes until I was back at to a 9:00 pace.  Then, I held the 9:00 pace for 10 minutes to cool down.  

I am not a fan of treadmills, so the warm up and the cool down were a little painful because I was bored.  For the other 20 minutes when I was watching my pace and the clock to know when to bump it up or turn it down, the time went pretty fast.  During the entire workout, I felt great!  Even holding the 7:13 pace, I didn’t feel like I was going to barf or like my legs were on fire, so that is a great sign that I am right on track in my training. 🙂

I read an article on recently on Tempo runs and it seems like it is open to interpretation- there is more than 1 way to tackle the run.  I’ve included a link to the article below.  Since I already do a race pace run weekly, I think I’ll switch out my tempo runs with how I did it this morning with the Tempo Interval to keep from getting bored.

Now, Chicago is definitely top of mind.  I’m starting to feel butterflies every time I think about. 🙂


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