Hiring a Running Coach

I’ve been MIA for a little while- ended up with the flu on Sunday.  I got sick 2 miles into my planned 17 mile run. You don’t wanna know and that’s all I will write about that.  The upside- absolutely NO one was out and about at 5am Sunday morning because the walk home was slow and just not pretty.  I’ve thus been forced to take a few days off.  Today is the first day that my appetite is back, so I’ll be back on my training plan tomorrow, although it’s slightly revised for my poor sick body to catch back up and fully recover from this nastiness.

In other news!  I hired a running coach to help me gear up for Tucson.  He’s helping me learn how to run downhill effectively without killing my quads and teach my legs to keep on pumping even when they’re tired so that I can keep a decent pace during the whole marathon.

I’ll post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Coach comments: “good foot strike, no toe angle, what you have been working on is working.”

Coach Comments: “Notice your arm carry. Focus on arms moving forward and not side-to-side.”


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