Wine Cures All…

I am a firm believer that wine can cure-all.  Ok… maybe not ALL… but it certainly helps 🙂

I have not wanted to outwardly admit this, but the dang shin splints are rearing their ugly head again.  This time, it’s my right shin, where before the problem was with my left.  So aggravating because I know physically I am in shape and I just want to GO!

I coached Girls on the Run this afternoon and one girl in particular was really struggling to finish her laps.  So, I jumped in and ran with her the last 8 laps to help her finish our goal for the day.  Man, did I feel it in my shin!

Afterwards, I met a friend at an after work shin-dig where I treated myself to a glass of wine.  And, now, I feel great!  Wine HAS to be an anti-inflammatory!

I remember feeling this way about wine in July- the night before I was supposed to run the Milwaukee half marathon.  My bestie, Meags, and I shared a bottle, then went to a local pub by her house in ‘Tosa and all I kept telling the new friends we made was how great my legs felt!  Of course, here is a picture from that night, so maybe it’s not quite a great testament you decide 🙂

Anti-inflammatory or not, I’ll be playing it safe and forgoing my Friday speedwork for a run in the pool tomorrow morning.  Need to save those shins for Saturday’s long run 😦  That, and it’s a high in the upper 20’s, and the thought of the treadmill kills me.


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