Mean Girl

That’s what I became today during my speed work out at the track.  And you know what?  It helped!

This is another 50+ mile week for me- the last brutal week of training before I start to taper it down before the marathon.  I kicked it off yesterday morning at 4:30 with a 10 mile run.  Thankfully, my running buddy Beth S.J. and her friend met me and ran half the distance with me- that helps tremendously to get through a long run!  AND, when did  a 10 mile run before work become a “piece of cake” to me?? That’s only 3 miles short of a half marathon, 2 miles short of Dam to Dam… I have to smile at how far I’ve come in just a year 🙂

This morning I had 8 800’s on the schedule.  And I was pumped!  I am currently reading Kristen Armstrong’s Mile Markers book- if you are a girl runner, this is a MUST read! (thanks Kate W. for the suggestion!)  Well, anyways, before I fell asleep last night I read her chapter on endurance.  And I guess it got me motivated- I woke up at 2am ready to go!  I did will myself back to sleep eventually and admittedly, when the alarm went off at 5, I was a little groggy.  Not to mention my eyes were all watery- allergies, cold, what??  There is NO time for that mess!

So, I started out- this week I was smart. Remembering how fatigued I was during my 7 x 800s workout, I brought my sport drink and a gel to give me a boost halfway through.  I started out and my laps were going great!  The first three consistent at 3:32!  Woo Hoo! besides the congestion that was coming up- I was spitting loogies every lap- gross!  I am not my usual girly girl when I run!  Lap 4- awful.  Down to 3:42.  I stopped to take my gel and catch my breath and started off again.  Lap 5- amazing!  Brought my pace back up and was at 3:35.  Lap 6- well, I’m just not sure what happened during lap 6.  It was like a film of phlem was covering my throat and I could not catch my breath.  That’s when the mean girl inside of me came out.  I started shouting in my head to “get going you wimp!”  “Move! Wimp! Move!”  Mentally, it helped.  I KNOW I’m not a wimp, so I also KNOW I can kick it in and kick butt!  Lap 7- I could breath, but the pace wasn’t back up and I could feel it- I could tell my legs were not giving me all they could give me.  Once again, I started yelling at the “wimp” that was running around the track.  So, final lap 8- I told myself I was going to kill it.  I had one more to go and I was going to own this last one.  I kicked it into high gear, gave it ALL I had, and sprinted the final 2 laps around the track to the finish.  When I felt my pace slowing down, instead of yelling at the wimp inside me, I focused on the pavement and told myself to “kill it!”  Again- I’m not sure where that aggressiveness came from, but it helped!  And I felt SO good finishing that workout!

It wasn’t until about 1:00 this afternoon that I felt that workout.  Man, was I TIRED!  And it was only halfway through the day!!  Worst of all, I had a late afternoon meeting from 3-5 and it was PAINFUL!  Literally!  My glutes are on FIRE!  Time to take some Aleve and rest up… until tomorrow morning 🙂


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