Turkey Trottin’ It

Yesterday I ran my first “Turkey Trot” and I think I can safely say it will now be part of my Thanksgiving tradition- even if I do it solo from here on out.  Actually, I think my whole family should do it with me next year, whether they choose to walk or run, but we’ll see how that one flies over…

My friend, Kate W., emailed me a few weeks ago about this race- a 2 or 5 mile option at the state fairgrounds.  Top 3 finishers in each age group take home a pie and the top 30 get a medal.  Of course I was interested!  I’ve been eyeing Turkey Trots in the DSM community for a few years now and haven’t had anyone to run with, so I was really excited!  It’s hard to get motivated and stay on training schedule on a Holiday, so I thought this would really help me stay on track too.

I was right, yesterday morning, even with the gorgeous weather, the last thing I wanted to do was run- and more than that, the last thing I wanted to do was a pace run.  It was good motivation for me.  The crowd was actually bigger than I thought and I’m in a tough age group 30-39, so I knew the chances of getting a pie were pretty slim.  I set my garmin at race pace and took off once they started the run (15 minutes late… grr).  This course started on an uphill- I won’t lie,  that is not fun.  It was a mile loop so you just ran the same loop either 2 or 5 times depending on which distance you signed up for.  There were walkers and runners, some had dogs and some had baby strollers.  I lapped the walkers several times and even finished my 5 mile course before some had finished their 2 mile walk 🙂  The 1 mile loop also ended up hill, so it was a good training route for me, not so good for my pace run.  My garmin was beeping more than I wanted it to.  I just told myself to keep going, push it, I could puke later.  And I almost did.  I had to work to keep my stomach calm once I finished the run.  It would have been an unpleasant sight too… they didn’t have bib numbers for the runners or an official timing device.  They calculated your finish time by everyone getting into a line after finishing and a volunteer checking your name off a poster board and telling you what number in your age group you were to finish.  I was not about to lose my spot in line to barf, so let’s just say it all ended well.  I “checked in” when I reached the front of the line and I was 10th in my age group to finish.  Not awful.  I didn’t bring a pie home… and there’s always next year :).  My average was an 8:06 pace- so 9 seconds off my goal time for this run.

I was planning on being “good” at Thanksgiving dinner… but, what the heck… I reconsidered and told myself I deserved to splurge one day… whether or not that’s true, I definitely indulged.

Tomorrow is my last “long” run before I start tapering for Tucson.  I have 12 miles on the schedule.  I’m really not too psyched about this run- more like I just need to get it over with.  It will definitely be good for me to get back outside and put the miles in.  I’m going to do the first half solo then swing back by my house and my brother will keep me company and run the second half.

I also signed up for another marathon yesterday- I’m all registered to run Green Bay on May 20th with my brother.  It’ll be his first marathon and I’m so excited to share my passion for running with him.  He says it’ll be his one and only… yeah, we’ll see about that :).  I think I said the same thing after running Chicago for the time last year :).


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