Sucking it Up for a Winter Run

I FINALLY made myself knock out my last long run this morning… after putting it off successfully for 2 days.

Saturday morning I woke up and it felt like a fire was burning right through my tummy… still too much indulgence from Thanksgiving dinner??  I don’t know, but I went back to sleep for a few hours and managed to get 4 miles late morning.  OH- and my brother ditched me and changed his travel plans to leave early morning rather than run me through the second half of this long run (had to call you out on this Shawn!)  So, I got in touch with Erin and rescheduled the long run for Sunday morning- bright and early!  Except, as Saturday went on… the wind gusts kept getting stronger and stronger.  Even though the wind was forecasted to die down from 20 mph gusts to only 13 mph gusts by Sunday morning, the temperatures were also in the 20’s and I completely wimped out.  I text Erin and told her- I’m a wimp- too windy for me to brave the elements and run 12 miles.  At this point, I cannot risk getting sick with the marathon just 2 weeks out :). At least, it sounded like a good excuse in my head- haha!

So, Sunday, I still woke up early’ish and did 6 miles in the pool. It was a hard 6 miles too, finished with laps using the kickboard.  I was seeing stars as I climbed out of the pool- it felt great to know that I had really gotten a good workout in!

This morning, I’m not going to lie.  4:00am came VERY quickly!  However, I was excited!  I hit snooze out of habit and ended up laying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off again so I could get ready :).  I know, I am really, truly, a running geek!  So, I got all bundled up to run in 25 degree temperatures (no wind!), got Bisou all bundled up in her running coat (she has like no hair!), and set out.  First, we did a 2 mile loop and circled back home for a pit stop.  Then, we headed out on a 6 mile loop I actually haven’t run at all this training season!  It felt so good to be outside running, despite the colder temperatures.  I had layered just right and didn’t even notice how cold it really was (win!).  My legs felt great, my lungs and breathing felt great, Bisou’s tail was wagging- I was having a good run!  Until the end of that 6 mile loop- my gut started to not feel so great… good thing I was planning to drop Bisou off at home between miles 8 and 9, I desperately needed pit stop #2.  Up until this point, I had taken the run pretty easy- about 9:05 pace, just hoping to get the miles in and call it good.  After dropping Bisou off, I had just 4 more miles to go so I decided to make this a progression run and pick up the pace- doing an out and back to 50th street would be a pretty flat stretch for me.  I took the first mile easy, then picked it up to about 8:30 pace for miles 9 and 10.  Mile 11, I took off and was sub 8 for a good half mile :).  I’m pretty happy with that finish.

It’s all mental- and with the last two long runs I’ve done, I feel pretty good going to Tucson.  I don’t know what will happen on race day- but I know I’m gonna have fun!  And, when I’m cursing the unusually warm temperatures in Arizona in two weeks, I’m going to think back to this run and know I can push through the elements… I just hope there’s no wind 🙂  haha.


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