Top 10 reasons why I hate “taper” week

This week I’ve been tapering (that means you run less and rest more), carbo loading, and hydrating.  Let me tell you the top 10 reasons why I loathe this week of training- yes- loathe (it’s that bad).

1. I am prone to bloat.  Increasing my water+electrolyte intake this week, in addition to increasing my salt intake has me feeling like a whale.

2. My body is actually bloated at the moment- here’s a picture to prove it.  You can see the indent of the ring I wear every day on my middle finger.  Usually, this ring is somewhat loose on my finger.

3. I am channeling Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

4. Carbo loading is actually hard work when you feel full constantly- it’s a chore to make yourself eat.

5. I heart running.  This week of extremely low mileage (4 miles, 2 miles, and another 2 miles) sucks- you have to stop just when you are getting warmed up and loving it.

6. Constant sloth-like feeling ALL week-long due to increased water, increased salt, increased carbs, and decreased mileage.

7. Not moving as much throughout the day (ok, part of that is because I’m on vacation too 🙂 ) and not starting the day with a vigorous workout or run makes me feel tired and lazy all day long.

8. Decreasing mileage so dramatically before race day, where I know I’ll face 26.2 miles builds a lot of anticipation and anxiety.

9. I have to have full trust in my training thus far- I have to trust that I’ve worked hard enough up to this point that by giving my body 1 week of rest, it will be able to perform and run 26.2 miles at the end of the week without fail.  Can’t I just take my body out for 1 more long run as a test??

10. To sum it all up, I feel like this:


One thought on “Top 10 reasons why I hate “taper” week

  1. Reading your About story is good inspiration for me. I recently started running and am looking forward to my first 5k at the end of Jan. I’m planning on a half marathon by the end of summer.. Fingers crossed.
    P.S. funny pic


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