Well, yesterday I felt like I finally had full range of motion again in my legs 🙂

Monday afternoon I got a sports massage and my muscles were sore sore sore!  The masseuse had to use little pressure on my quads and calves.  She focused on trigger points in my shoulders and neck- the good news is that the pounding headache I’d had all day went away instantly afterwards.  I must have tensed up during the marathon and tightened through my neck- ouch!  She recommended that I soak in some epsom salts immediately afterward to allow magnesium to get into my muscles and help them recover faster.  I’ve heard this before but never followed the advice- so, I figured now was as good a time as any to give it a try.  I’m a believer now!  I’m not sure whether it was the massage, the epsom salts, stretching, or what, but I was already feeling much better Tuesday morning!

So, here are some additional thoughts about the run.  I really liked the smaller race.  There were only about 1200 who ran the full marathon (by the way- I finished 17th in my gender and age group 🙂 )  I did not have to jump into the start coral or fight elbows to get to the right pace group.  I actually had room to fully stretch out before the race.  And it was absolutely GORGEOUS starting in the middle of the mountains at sunrise.

I did not have to pee (or anything else…) during the run.  I think I’ve got my pre-race strategy down on hydrating before the race and stopping at 7 the night before to avoid having to go mid-run.  I took 6 immodium Sunday morning before the run and that seemed to work too. 

One surprise- definitely not a good one- my butt-ocks chaffed!  OW!  Did not expect that as I have NEVER experienced that before. I didn’t realize it until I got off the shuttle bus and was walking through the hotel to my room.  It burned the first time I peed post-race.  Amazingly though, it was pretty short lasting (thank goodness!!!).

For this run, I wanted to run for a purpose.  So, I stole an idea from Kristin Armstrong’s blog- http://milemarkers.runnersworld.com/.  I decided to run a prayer race- every mile I would pray for someone in my life who is experiencing a tough time, some miles I thanked God for the many blessings in my life- amazing friends whose support has helped me get through some pretty terrible times, unconditional love from my family, parents who are outstanding role models for me, and some miles were reserved for me and some current struggles I’m facing.  See the pink duct tape on my shirt in the picture below?  I put the numbers 1-26 and my prayer next to each mile.


I do have to outright apologize for those who were toward the end of my run.  At that point, I needed to focus so, some of the prayers went a little like this “God, this mile is for so and so… and please give me the energy to finish this run!  Please give me the energy to finish this run!…”  You get the point- so very selfish! 🙂  Other observations, marker on duct tape was not the most brilliant idea.  I was a hot mess by the time I finished.  The marker had smeared across my shirt and when I finally looked in the mirror back in my hotel room, I also had marker smeared across my face.  Which, yes, that means I walked through the finish area, got on the shuttle, rode the shuttle, walked through the hotel lobby and to my room with marker on my face.  Funny no one bothered to tell me…

After the run, I showered and headed down to the hot tub.  The hotel also had a “cool spa” and admittedly, I was a big weenie to try it.  I sat in the hot tub and made friends with some other runners and was finally convinced I would do my sore muscles some good by enduring the pain of the cold cold water (about 34 degrees).  It hurt.  I think I lasted 5 minutes in that water before I hastily went back into the hot tub 🙂

For two whole days after the marathon it POURED in Tucson.  We are so lucky that weather was not a day earlier!  During one of the breaks in the rain on Monday- I spotted a double rainbow!


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