Breathe and Smile

Today was a “manic Monday” for sure.  It was my first day back at work post vacation and I was stressed!

To top it off, I was sick yesterday thinking I must’ve caught something on the plane- blech, no fun.

My brother text me this afternoon to tell me to “breathe and smile”.  I did smile at that- that is a mantra I use often when I’m running a tough route.  That made me stop and think.  How often does my life relate to running?  Practically everything everyday it seems like for me!  So, I took my brother’s advise and applied the mantra to the rest of my afternoon.  And you know what, just like when I’m tackling a hill or a mile that seems like it’s stretching on forever, the simple act of smiling and breathing steady made the afternoon go by faster and I took the rest of the “unexpected bumps” in stride, without care or worry. 🙂

How about you?  What are mantras that help you get through everyday life?


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