Running Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Well, I didn’t kick off the new year with a run like I had planned- I gave myself a bout of food poisoning yesterday after eating deli meat that had gone bad on New Years Eve… oops!  Guess I should not make my lunch in the dark anymore… lesson learned for 2012!

I’ve been putting some thought into my 2012 race plan… here’s what’s on the schedule so far:

April- Drake Relays on the Road Half Marathon

May- Green Bay Cellcom Marathon

June- Dam to Dam Des Moines 20k

October- Des Moines Half Marathon

And there may be more to come- my goal is to stay in shape year round.  Always be ready to run a half marathon, and ultimately, keep the miles up and be marathon ready at all times too.

Some new things I will venture into in 2012 include helping a friend organize a local race- more details to come on that once we figure out what we are doing!  It’s going to be a LOT of work, but I am so excited!  It will be such a rewarding experience and benefit kids and families battling cancer.

I am also getting the itch to run further… a 50k is in my future and I am busy lining up running buddies to tackle a race of this distance with me.  So far, I am having success!  The actual race may be run in 2013, but will be on my mind during 2012.

Another goal I am toying with… running a 50 mile race when I turn 40.  Granted, this is YEARS ( 🙂 ) away, so I have some time to mull it over…

So, tell me, what are your running resolutions for 2012?


One thought on “Running Resolutions

  1. This is my first year for a few things, so maintaining these changes throughout the year would be great! I recently started not eating meat and most dairy products, so I would like to maintain this and continue to improve as I go. Secondly, I recently started running, hence how I found your blog, so I would like to continue running and hopefully be able to run a half marathon by the end of summer. Thirdly, I would like to foster more relationships locally, I don’t have much family where I live and expect to be here for another year of so. Cheers!


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