It was U-G-L-Y

I met up with my running group for an 8 mile run this morning.  That’s the longest I’ve run in 3 weeks and the best way to describe its with a four letter word.

It could be any one of the words that just popped into your head 🙂  But, for the sake of keeping my blog clean, I’ll say it was UGLY.  That’s right.  Ugly.

First, it was in the 20’s this morning.  I know I should not complain because, it’s January and really that’s about the coldest it’s been.  But it still hurt.  I couldn’t feel my fingers for the first 2 miles and then during mile 3, my fingers had the slow burn going through them as the blood started flowing again.

Second, it was hard to breathe.  That could’ve been due to several factors: it was in the 20’s, we were going slightly uphill for the first 4 miles, and I’ve been slacking in my running and in my diet.  I’m going to fess up and go with number 3.

Third, I finished with an incredible cramp in my side.  Not cool.  Just a month ago, I ran a marathon.  Now, I can’t even finish 8 miles strong?  Unbelievable!

I guess that means I’m back at it starting tomorrow.  Running consistently and strict running diet.

And, I’m NOT off to a good start.  I just had some frozen yogurt (hey- at least that’s better than ice cream!) and I desperately want a glass of red wine to wash it down.  My vices.

What are your vices?


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