90 Laps on the Crazy Train

This morning was my long run… on the schedule was 10 miles

Earlier this week, I took initiative in reaching out to another member of my running group and proposing a time and mileage for the run and then I sent it along to the whole group.  Well, last night, when I was feeling chilled to the bone and just miserably cold, I sent a text that I would tackle the 10 miles solo at the gym.  That’s right… I’ll own it… I’m a cold weather wimp!

So, this morning when the alarm went off at 5am, I checked the weather and was surprised it was a balmy 21 degrees- although the windchill was still in the teens.  I kept to my plan and headed to the gym.  My plan of action was to do 3 miles around the track, 3 miles on the treadmill, 2 miles back around the track, then finish with 2 miles on the treadmill in an effort to stave off boredom.

I started on the track- with my Ipod (which, is a first for me- I NEVER run with music!).  It felt so good to run with motion, rather than be stagnant on the treadmill and the music made the time clip by, I just kept going after I hit the 3 mile mark.  The thought of going on the treadmill was B-O-R-I-N-G. (I know because I checked the cable guide before I left home and NOTHING interesting was on TV this morning 😦 )

Instead, I just kept going round and round the track- which equalled a total of 90 laps (maybe more because if I lost count, I added a lap for extra measure- no cheating!).  Around mile 4, Crazy Train by Ozzie came on my Ipod.  It occurred to me as I stepped up my pace to this song that this song can really relate to runners!  I mean, to put ourselves both physically and mentally, through what we do for FUN, we must be a tad bit crazy!

I made a list of why I fit the description of being on the Crazy Train:

1. I thought 90 laps around an indoor track was more appealing than running in 20 degree temperatures outside

2. The 10 mile run this morning seemed like a short run

3. Feeling the burn (which I definitely started feeling in my glutes around mile 7) is like a reward for the hard work I’ve done

4. I’m excited to get up at 5am

5. Training to run 26.2 miles is what I consider fun

This list could really keep going, but I’ll stop at 5.  Tell me, what makes you a passenger on the “Crazy Train”?


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