16 Weeks and Counting!

This weekend marked the 16 week point for my next marathon.  That means, I better step it up and get my head wrapped around my training plan.

I met with my trainer on Saturday- I learned some leg strengthening exercises which I *promised* I will diligently do 3 times a week in addition to my scheduled runs.  Apparently, strength work in addition to building endurance through my long runs on the weekend will help me get faster.  My goal is to shave another 12 minutes off my PR that I set in Tucson. This morning was a short 4 mile run- which unfortunately I had to endure on the indoor track due to icy sidewalks and roads :(.  So, I tried out my new exercises and I’m pretty sure I gave some people working out in the area a chuckle.  After running, my legs were a little weary. Then, after a series of hamstring curls, I tried to do lunges and come up to balance on one leg.  Let’s just say my balance was a little rocky at times 🙂  I also did a series of Romanian dead lifts, again, balance played an issue and I can be vocal, so I definitely drew attention to myself when I felt like I was wobbly… oh well, someone has to be entertaining at 6:00 in the morning!

Yesterday I hit the treadmill for some speed work.  4×800’s with a 2oo recovery in between.  I was dreading this.  I had not slept Sunday night due to the phlegm running down my throat consistently. I decided to sleep in due to this and hit the gym on my lunch break.  Surprising, the workout felt great and I kept my pace with ease!  Part of me wonders if it was the pseudo fed I took just before I left for the gym.  Regardless, I had a terrific workout, which in turn, made me want to jump out of bed for my run this morning.

16 weeks out and I think I’ve finally run out of my winter slump 🙂


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