Here is why dealing with a gluten intolerance blows… quite literally (unexpectedly, uncontrollably…).

I travelled this week for work, which meant an average of 15 hour work days, late dinners, and eating in unfamiliar places.  Somewhere along the trip, I must have eaten gluten on accident and now I am paying the price.

Today, I ran 5.5 miles of hills (4 MASSIVE ones!).  And, I’m lucky I made it home.  Mile 2.5, I started to hear my stomach gooshing up and down with each step.  Mile 3, I started to get gassy (although, if anyone were to pass by, I would have totally blamed Bisou!).  Mile 4, I had to go to the bathroom and tried to concentrate on something, anything else to get me the mile and a half home!  Mile 5, I started up the last big hill to my house.  About half way up, I felt like I was losing control- which is an unfortunate side effect when I eat gluten.  Yeah, gross- I know.  I live it!!!  LUCKILY, I made it to the top and inside, but man!  It was a close day.  I got sick immediately.  And it took several hours for my stomach to recover. 

Since I arrived in Scottsdale on Monday evening, my runs have been off, troubled with GI issues.  Tuesday, I ran 4 miles and while the majority of the run was great (albeit for lead legs), the last tenth of a mile hit me hard with my tummy starting to rumble.  Wednesday, I woke up sick and contemplated whether it was smart to even run.  My tummy calmed down and I headed out.  By mile 4 though, I had some severe flatulence going on- thankfully, no one else was out at 5am (I guess I was the only crazy one!)…

What did I eat?  Who knows!  I try to be careful, I ask for a GF menu, but in restaurants, you never know since you aren’t preparing the meal yourself.  I’m finally feeling better, 4 hours post run.  But I still needed to whine about it here- sorry!

Some good things to note about my trip to Scottsdale.  I ran in shorts and t-shirts both days!  Woot Woot!  Tuesday, I even got to wear my new running skirt that I bought at the expo for the Tucson Marathon- and it was so COMFORTABLE 🙂  I had to take a picture post run to show you.  And yes, I totally took a picture of myself in the mirror- hey!  don’t judge!

New Balance skirt
Another amazing thing to report- I had the ABSOLUTELY BEST fish tacos at the Mission (  I got the Mahi Mahi grilled and they melted in my mouth.  Wow.  Along with a glass (or 2!) of Campo Reijo Tempranillo Grand Reserva wine… MMMM 🙂  I will definitely be going back there on my next trip… hope that wasn’t the source of gluten!

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