A pain in my rear… literally.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am in San Diego this week attending a conference for work.  After my morning workout, I have an agenda that includes sitting in work group meetings for 9 hours with 3 built-in times for breaks and “stretching” opportunities.

By the middle of Tuesday, my Piriformis (aka- butt-ocks) was ON FIRE!!  Ouch!  I tried standing up in the back of the room for a while, but that is not conducive to taking notes.  So, I resigned to sitting through the work groups and wiggling around in my seat in an effort to find a spot that does not hurt.  The pain doesn’t stop in my seat either, it travels down my left leg… apparently, “the throbbing ache originates in the buttocks and often radiates down the legs and/or the spine” (thanks Runners World!). 

And apparently, it’s a common condition for runners that is caused by running on uneven ground or having tight hamstrings.  I definitely run on uneven ground and I definitely have tight hamstrings.  Guess this is one pain in my rear I will have to live with… OR start adding some more exercises to my strength routine… OR when I am back in the comfort of my home office, pull out the ice pack and sit on it 🙂  Oh yes!  That is DEFINITELY one perk I have been enjoying working from home- no one can see that I actually am sitting on an ice pack 🙂

Another post run relief offered by Runners World: place a tennis ball under your sit bone, then put all your weight on the ball (aka sit on the ball with your arms holding you up a bit) and slowly rotate your hips to release the piriformis.  That in itself sounds painful- pretty sure tennis balls are not comfy… but what the heck, I’ll give that a try and report back to you 🙂

To end this post on a bright note- I met up with my new running buddy again this morning and took on the same 5 mile route with her.  SOOOO nice to run in a running skirt and short sleeves- looking at the forecast, my long run is going to done in the single digits on Saturday back in DSM- BRRRRRR!!!!


One thought on “A pain in my rear… literally.

  1. Nicole I am so glad I read this! There are many days in class or at the Capitol in meetings where if I sit too long i get pains in my bum that go down into my legs….it’s usually worse on the left side for some reason. Good tips!


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