I’m so dizzy… my head is spinning…

Or so the song goes…

It does sum up my past week.  I thought that it was due to the long hours, lack of sleep, flights, and hours staring at the computer screen.  But, when I found myself feeling like I was driving intoxicated last night, I figured something more might be going on.  NOT that I know what it’s like to drive intoxicated (ok, I may have made a mistake in my younger days… but those are well behind me now).

I felt absolutely terrible last night.  Like I had been hit full force by a semi and all I wanted to do was sleep.  Unfortunately, that was not an option.  It was Valentine’s Day and I actually had a date! (gasp!) And I felt bad canceling at the last-minute.  We saw the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Go see it if you haven’t already!  Wow!  What an amazing movie- very well written and acted.  But, I digress.

Since I felt so terrible last night, I turned my alarm off when it buzzed at 5am and slept soundly until 7am.  I then, “patiently” waited for 8am to come around so I could call my doctor and schedule an appointment.  Thankfully, I was able to get in with another practitioner at the clinic this afternoon, who I had not seen before. After the routine weight, temperature, and blood pressure checks were finished I was able to describe my “symptoms” to the practitioner.  I was having dizzy spells for the past week.  I am extremely tired- but that could be because of my work schedule.  I am so cold that I canNOT for the life of me warm up.  EVER.  She checked my ears and immediately said “well, here’s our culprit.”  I have some fluid in my right ear and a full-blown infection in my left ear.  I was hooked up with some nasal spray (sexy, huh?) and an antibiotic.  Then, she said since I have been so tired, they’re going to run labs on my blood just to rule anything else out.  I confess, I am a complete weenie when it comes to having blood drawn, but I handled it like a big girl today 🙂

Before I left though, I did make sure to the “all clear” to continue running.  As long I wasn’t so dizzy or anything, I’m good to go!  Heck, I’ve been running this way for a week now and dealing with the fatigue, so tomorrow- bring on the hilly course!

I did have a good speed workout on Monday.  It didn’t feel good, but I did hit my target- running 4x800s at a 6:58 treadmill pace.  And yesterday, I ran about an 8:00 pace for 5 miles around the indoor track- that’s 45 laps in a small circle.  Maybe that’s why the dizziness hit so hard last night!

So, tell me, what do you do when you feel under the weather?  Do you push through it?  Do you rest?


One thought on “I’m so dizzy… my head is spinning…

  1. Nicole,
    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was exhausted, dizzy and couldn’t find my balance during yoga to save my life. I went to the doctor expecting the worst and too was sent home with ear drops. Amazing how something that appears so small can throw your entire body off.

    Hope you are on the mend and feel better soon!



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