another reason to laugh at myself

Today I woke up ready for my long run.  I mean ready.  Mentally, I was prepared, psyched, and as crazy as this sounds, I was excited (!) to get out and tackle my 16 mile run.  I got up and felt the tummy rumbles immediately.  Uh oh.  A bout with my tummy troubles ensued.  I was hopeful that this was it and that I got it over with before I headed out the door, but swallowed 2 immodiums just in case.  I stretched out, grabbed Bisou and her leash, and headed out for a short 3 mile route before meeting up with my running group for the other 13 miles.

It was calm and serene as I started.  I was almost taken aback by the feeling.  No one else was out at 6am and the air was still.  It was just peaceful!  AND it was 35 degrees warmer than it was last Saturday :).  Bisou and I reached 1 mile and I thought I was out of the rough for the run.  Unfortunately, not so.  At mile 2 1/2, I felt the tummy rumbles again.  Dammit!  I kept going and just couldn’t help it.  I got sick during my run.  What now?  Only one choice but to keep going.  I had to make it home and I had 13 more miles to go after this!  Bisou and I made it home very slowly.  Averaging a 9:27 pace for those 3 miles.  Once home, I quickly swallowed 2 more immodiums, fed Bisou, grabbed my gels and water (even though I did *not* want to think about putting anything in my tummy…), and headed out to meet the group.

I must have looked bad when I showed up as the first question was “what’s going on??” when Rob and Andrea C. saw me.  I quickly explained I had gotten sick twice already and was hopeful to just finish the run.  We headed out and my friends nicely pointed out all the potty stops along the way :).  Fortunately, my tummy seemed to have calmed- the immodium must have kicked in!  Rob, Andrea, and I ran 5 miles to the Brenton Skating Rink where we met the rest of our group at 8am.  At this point, I was feeling good (albeit definitely not great)!  I took a gel to keep my energy up, but I regretting the decision not to carry water with me.  Thankfully, Andrea C. let me squirt a few sips of hers into my mouth.  8 more miles left- an out and back on a newly finished trail through downtown DSM.  Off we went at a pretty good pace- 8:40.  The 4 miles out were good.  Conversation was constant as we had a large group this week with 6 of us.  At the turning point, I felt myself starting to fade.  Andrea C. even pointed out that I looked like I was not having a good time.  I smiled and explained my poor decision not to carry water was hitting me- especially since I was probably dehydrated from the events earlier this morning.  Andrea let me have a few more squirts of her water and off we went to finish the last 4 miles.  It wasn’t long before I started lagging behind the group.  Thankfully, Marzia pulled back and kept beside me the whole way!  THANK YOU :).  That was a life saver.  I kept asking her questions to keep my mind off the stomach stitch I was battling and the thought that kept creeping up that I just wanted to walk it in.  Side note- for me, walking is *not* an option.  We reached mile 14 and I saw a monster of a hill ahead.  Ok, ok… the hill was not a monster, however, at this point, it towered ahead of me.  I didn’t have it in.  I told Marzia I was going to walk the hill and again, she stayed by side!  And again, I say THANK YOU 🙂 !  WE took it slow and at the top started running again, albeit at a slow pace.  Another mile and a half left… I started telling myself that I’ve got this and that I was going to finish.  Walking was behind me and I was running it in.  Soon, the skating rink was in sight and I started telling myself only a few more minutes of pain- I could take this and then take it easy the rest of the day.

Marzia and I finished and met up again with Rob and Andrea C.  Rob was running the rest of the way to round out a 20 mile run.  Andrea C. and I caught a ride with Marzia back to our cars.  That, by the way, was planned 🙂  And a good plan it was!  It felt good to finish with the group and not have any more miles to complete.

I slowly hurled myself in and then eventually out of Marzia’s car, my muscles already tightening up.  I looked like an old lady!  I got into my car and downed my G3 Protein Recovery drink and my coconut water.  I got home and hopped in the shower and I started laughing.  What a rough run.  There is nothing more to do than laugh!  Does this happen to other runners as much as it happens to me??!!??  I guess this is why I started writing this blog to share the random, humorous side to my training.  Oh well.  Live. Laugh. Run. 🙂


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