57 miles

57 miles.  That’s my total mileage for this week, if I stay on track and complete my runs as scheduled.  I’ve been spending this week mentally psyching myself up for what’s yet to come- 2 back to back 18 mile runs on Friday and Saturday mornings.  Oi!

So far, my runs have felt awesome this week.  Monday, I completed my speed work on the treadmill with 4x 800s at a 6:58 pace with a 400 recovery.  I decided it was time to get completely back on schedule and did my strength training routine afterwards too.  Tuesday, it was *nasty* outside, wet from rain overnight, damp, and WINDY (25 mph winds).  I pulled the wimp card and ran 5 miles around the indoor track at the gym.  My legs felt fully recovered from the speed work the day before and my pace wasn’t too bad!  I squeezed in another strength workout after the run too since I was already at the gym.

Side note here (once again, I degrees…) I can now stand on leg on an upside down Bosu ball for 30-40 seconds at a time, *without* holding on to anything!  Woot Woot!  It’s the small accomplishments people!

This morning, Bisou and I met up with my neighbor, Beth J., and her running posse.  We took it at an easy pace and I ran for 6.5 miles and again, felt great!  Maybe I’m jinxing myself, maybe my mental psyching exercises are working, but I am fully recovered from the ear infection and the tummy troubles that took me down last weekend and I am having a totally *on* week!

Tomorrow, I have my first pace run this training cycle.  I’m planning to do it on the treadmill so that I hit my target- a 7:57 pace.  Being my first one, I’m hoping to make it 4 miles at pace with a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down for a total of a 6 mile run.

THEN… dun dun dun… (picture flickering lights and darkness here)… I will start out at 4am on Friday morning to tackle my first 18 mile run.  My plan is to head out with Bisou for 8 miles.  *Hopefully* a gal I met in the running posse this morning will join us for a little bit… then, I will drop Bisou off at home and run to the Water Bury trail head (3 miles) to meet two of my running buddies, Andrea J. and Andrea C. for a 7 mile out and back on the trail.  Andrea J. has graciously offered to give my tired booty a ride home afterward 🙂

Saturday, I am meeting my trainer, Rob Gillum, and a few others in our running group at 5am for the 2nd 18 mile run.  We’ll loop Grey’s Lake, loop Water Works park, then add an out and back into downtown DSM to complete the necessary miles.  I should be finished around 8am, 8:30 at the latest I *hope*… because CRAZY me, I signed up to teach SPIN class at 9am Saturday morning.  Yes, I know… poor planning!  But hey, extra money is good!

AND as an added plus… I’m pretty sure that a pizza will not go straight to my gut with this running plan this week, so I fully intend to enjoy some gluten-free flatbread pizza at Biaggi’s tomorrow night with a good friend… again, it’s the small victories I have to celebrate 🙂

More later… I’ll be sure to post about my first pace run tomorrow!


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