Suck it up!

I’ve been psyching myself up all week of 2 18 mile runs back to back, with the first one slated for tomorrow morning beginning at 4am.  Unfortunately, we are forecasted to get 3 inches of snow tonight.  And right now it’s raining.  The low isn’t supposed to be that cold- mid 20’s, unfortunately, that’s cold enough to freeze this awful mess of weather we’re getting today.  Which, is also why I am blogging over my lunch hour- I don’t want to leave the house for my daily outing.

Nervous, I text my trainer this morning to see if I could sucker him into joining me for the early morning jaunt or if he had any advice to avoid or run safely on ice. His response? “Don’t be nervous.  You can’t let things like this get into your head. Come race day it is what it is and you just run.  Races are very seldom perfect situations.  Start wrapping your head around this race and visualizing!”  In other words, suck it up kid!

And he’s right- of *course* he is!  That’s why he’s the trainer :).  So, instead of me sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, I am going to continue to psych myself up for this run tomorrow morning.  And I’m going to own this run!  That’s right.  Wind, cold, slush, or snow- I’m getting out there at 4am and I’m going to put the miles in.  I’ve already got my running clothes laid out.  My pre-run meal, my gels, my hydration belt and nuun tabs are all laid out too.  I’m prepared for this run… what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger, right?  And, it’ll give me another good post for all of you to read tomorrow.  (I know you devilishly like to read about my suffering! 🙂 )

This morning I was slated for my pace run- 6 miles.  I woke up at 5:20am and saw I had a text from the Thursday morning SPIN instructor, who apparently had been up all night with the flu, asking if I could sub.  Sure- why not!  I changed my mindset, grabbed my cycle shoes, my iPod, and my water bottle and headed out.  To make up for my speed work out on the treadmill I was missing, I had the ladies start off with a 2 minute sprint drill.  Then, we went right into an easy, flat road run, followed by a 5 minute hill, then a 6 minute tabata drill series, where I got more speed work in.  I had them end with another flat road run and then the cool down.  I have to say, I kicked my own buttock this morning!  Phew!  Seeing as that was only a 45 minute class, I hopped on a treadmill after class and finished up with 2 miles of my scheduled pace run.  After that workout, running 2 miles at 7:53 pace seemed easy!  I know I said it yesterday, but my training is ON this week :).  This *never* happens… so I’m cautiously excited about it :).

Tonight, is my dinner to carb load at Biaggi’s… now I’m faltering between the delicious gluten-free pizza or pasta… decisions! decisions! 🙂


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