Unwelcomed Run-Ins

Have you ever run into someone who just don’t really want to see?  That happened to me during lunch today.  I was enjoying a salad with some girlfriends, having a good time, when I saw this person walk up to the doors outside.  It shook me, to say the least, and I felt my tummy flip inside.  From the look I got, this person was not expecting nor excited to see me either.  It’s tough when relationships end with so much left unsaid and questions left unanswered.   While I have forgiven and moved on, there are some hurts that resurface by the mere sight, smell, or memory of that person or incident.  I’m thankful I was with the friends I was with, one who can make a light situation out of anything and had me laughing again in no time.

I’m having an off day to say the least.  Yesterday, I felt like I had been slammed by an oncoming train.  Today, thankfully is better than that… but I feel groggy, tight in my muscles, and yes, I’ll admit it, moody.  I slept in a little longer this morning and did pilates and strength instead of my planned speed workout.  Part of me wonders if that has anything to do with my current state of mind.  Running has the ability to clear my mind like no other activity can do.  Even though I think my body needed this extra day to recoup and stretch out with the pilates workout and even though I was breaking a sweat during the routine this morning, my head didn’t get the workout it needed.

Luckily, I had the foresight to pre-schedule massages after my scheduled long runs, so I am off to see my favorite masseuse now.  It won’t be relaxing, but that’s why I like her.  She stretches and bends me until all the knots are worked out of my beat up legs and I’m feeling like new again.  This will help me jump back on schedule tomorrow morning with 4×1200’s and give my mind the clearing out time it needs too.

To end a day like today, I think I’ll top it off with a good glass of red wine while I watch the Bachelor (guilty confession here!)… tomorrow is a new day.


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