Needing to work out the Funk

I said it on Monday… and unfortunately, when I headed out the door this morning on my run, I still felt “off.”  For whatever reason, I cannot shake this funk I’m in!  I’m tired, nothing sounds good- food, running, evening activities… I’m just all out tired and uninspired.

I’ve had pretty good workouts this week, nothing to complain about there- Tuesday I *nailed* my speed workout of 4×1200’s at a 6:58 pace.  Wednesday I got my 6 mile run in- although I opted for the treadmill since there were 60 mph winds predicted *and* I wanted to watch the ‘Morning Joe’ recap of the Tuesday primaries on MSNBC (self-proclaimed political geek here!)  After the run yesterday, I was *sore* and I mean more sore than I usually am.  I have the usual every day aches and pains from running, but yesterday I felt a tight spot in my right quad, a tight spot in my left calf, and of course, the usual tight hammies and glutes.  I tried wearing heels to my lunch date and it felt like an epic fail.  I couldn’t move fast, I felt like I was limping, and man it hurt to walk!  I couldn’t wait till the end of the day to put on my “comfy clothes.”

Needless to say, this morning, I was less than excited about my run- 8 miles on a “hilly course.”  I got up and got ready to go, stretching out extra good… I let Bisou out to go potty and waited by the door for her to come back in and get all leashed up for the run.  The stinker bypassed me and curled up in a ball on her bed- melodramatically shaking like it was below zero outside!  The drama queen of a dog I have – ha!  I finally got her up and ready and we headed out.

The first mile hurt.  I was seriously thinking at this point I was not running  8 miles… in fact, maybe I’d only run 3.  I got up and over my first hill.  On to the 2nd hill on the course… by the time I finished this one, I was about a mile and a half in and starting to loosen up… ok, I could run further, maybe 5 or 6 miles.  Bisou and I kept on our route heading into the 3rd hill, which has no sidewalks so I was gingerly stepping through the frozen grass to keep my footing.  I was going s-l-o-w.  I felt it, Bisou felt it and was letting me know through her distractions from anything and everything that we passed.  The 3rd hill goes immediately into the 4th hill.  I thought this hill looked like it was a mile long in itself.  So I glanced at my garmin starting up it and again when I reached the top.  I was *shocked* the hill was only a third of a mile… man!  It felt longer than that.  Luckily, that hill also has a steep decline and felt myself picking up momentum as I headed back down.  Only to get to hill number 5.  At this point, I was starting to feel ok.  My left knee was creaky, but the irritation was going in and out and was not constant.  I made the decision to make this run as close to 8 miles as I could and took a left instead of a right to lengthen the route.  The sun was starting to come out and there was more traffic starting to make it’s way through the streets.  Luckily, I was done with hills for a while- I knew one more was coming in the last half mile back to my house.  This part of the run should have been a breeze- either downhill or flat.  It was not.  I started regretting my decision to lengthen the route.  I was feeling a little more irritation in my knee, my tummy was starting to roll, and dang it!  I was tired!  I reached the mile marker (Kum and Go gas station) where I know it’s only 2 more miles home and told myself to toughen up and just finish this strong!  It seemed to work, knowing that I was on the home stretch helped too.  I also felt good that I was not cheating myself out of any miles on this run.  I pushed myself up the last hill (#6!) and walked into the house.

Ouch!  My left knee now hurt.  I had a hard time walking on it, much less bending it to get Bisou’s food out of the pantry to feed her.  Walking downstairs to my apartment dwelling place didn’t feel so hot either.  Grrr… I had felt irritation on Saturday during my 2nd long run but it went away and seemed to be from over use… I didn’t know what this pain meant.

I got ready and started icing my knee while I started to work… I have to say here again, one more time, a true benefit to working from home is the ability to ice at any time!  I took some aleve a little while later and voila!  Pain is gone.

Now, I’m faced with the dilemma- do I do my next two scheduled long runs- 10 miles tomorrow and 14 miles on Saturday?  Or do I scale back a little bit this week to let my legs fully recover so I can hit my training runs pain-free next week?  What would you do??


One thought on “Needing to work out the Funk

  1. If its hurting that bad, I suggest taking the 10 miles off the schedule and rest up and stretch. Hit the 14 miles and hit it hard!


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