Shame, Shame on Me…

Last night, I indulged.  I was invited to go out with some girlfriends and I was ecstatic to get out of the house!  Plus, they were going out at 5, so I knew I would definitely be home by my “bedtime” :).  We actually went to see a psychic at a bar called Down Under.  Now, not to say that I believe in psychics, but for $5, I thought it was cheap fun and would definitely create great stories for even more entertainment.

We were one of the first ones there, so we got the first numbers (which means we did not have to wait hours…).  One of my friends had already seen this lady- Suzanne- and she was first.  We were all curious to see if she would remember her and if her new “predictions” would be in line with what she previously stated.  Well, she did remember and she had some insights that were eery… some things she knew about my friend’s personal life that you wouldn’t know just by looking at her- personal stuff.

I order a glass of Cabernet while I waited (indulgence #1 of the night).  Right before my turn, Suzanne walked around the room giving “quickies”- she pointed at people and said what thoughts came to her.  When she got to me, she asked “are you pregnant?”  Which, sent me directly into a laughing fit.  Not unless there is another immaculate conception coming to earth could that be true, so I shook my head as I laughed.  She then proceeded to tell me that I’m “potent.”  Still not sure what that means?  Funny stuff though :).  Finally, she sat back down at her table and I walked up for my turn.  She asked again if I was pregnant, I laughed again and told her no.  She then told me that I will have a son and a daughter, and that other children will think of me as their mom… hmmm… ok, now she had my attention as I am very close to my niece… she went on to state some other personal stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily know about me just by first glance.  Some stuff was pretty out there, but overall it was entertainment worth the $5… like I said, I will have stories that will last beyond last night… and so will my friends.  The hours spent laughing and comparing notes afterwards was worth it… and let to my 2nd glass of wine (indulgence #2).

I was home by 8pm so that I could eat dinner and get to bed early in preparation for my 10 mile run this morning.  I ate the rest of my Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Mac and Cheese… and dang that wine, still felt hungry!  Wine does this to me… turns off that “full” indicator and turns off my self-control as well… I went back into the kitchen and created a bowl of dairy free ice cream (made from almond milk and was actually delish!) mixed with some crunchy almond butter.  YUM!  It was tasty and satisfying (although, now I’m at indulgence #3)…

Which leads to my “shame, shame on me.”  I was not prepared for my 10 mile run this morning.  In fact, I contemplated texting my friend who I was going to meet the entire half hour I was stretching and getting ready to tell her I was bailing.  But, after a half hour, I was awake… even though my head was not into the run and my tummy, well, I knew I’d be making a lot of stops at establishments with restrooms this morning…

I met Andrea C at 5:40 in front of her house, warned her of my tummy troubles, and off we went.  Once I started going, the run felt good.  I did have to stop twice, but hey, having fun with my friends and enjoying some wine last night was well worth the extra 10 minutes those stops took.  I have to remember to have fun through all of this and continue to live my life.

Yes.  I have a goal.  Yes it’s important to me to meet that goal.  Yes. I’m willing to sacrifice a LOT of fun things to make this goal a reality… and one night of fun here and there is not going to derail me 🙂

TGIF and Cheers!


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