Ouch! That hurts!

This morning I set out on my scheduled 15 mile run with Bisou and Andrea C.  The plan was to run a 5 mile route, drop Bisou off at home, then finish up with a 10 mile route.

The run started out great!  It was 66 degrees with 85% humidity.  My legs felt great and it was easy to start going this morning.  Conversation was easy and light as we headed through the first 2 miles… at mile 3, I stopped into the Kum and Go for a quick potty break while Andrea kept Bisou outside.  She laughed when I came out and informed me that Bisou stared through the glass door with her nose pressed against the glass anxiously waiting my return- silly girl!   We started off again- 2 more miles left until the first lap was finished.  As we started into the 4th mile, my left knee started feeling a little creaky… not bad, just a little creaky… I chose to ignore it, it’s felt this way off and on for the past few weeks and it’s always gone away as I’ve kept running and then afterwards, I haven’t felt any pain.

We got to my house to drop off Bisou.  Andrea made a quick potty stop as I fed Bisou and took a honeybee stinger gel to keep me going for the next 10 miles.  We headed out the door… and my knee felt even more stiff.  I tried doing some knee bends quick on the front porch and decided to mention it to Andrea.  At this point, it hurt to put pressure on my knee and I gingerly limed down the stairs.  I tried to do more knee bends in the lawn, explaining to Andrea where it hurt as I did it.  It hurt to stand on one leg… but again, I thought the pain would subside during the run so I decided to keep on going and we took off.

Although… we didn’t get far.  Maybe 20 steps?  And I pretty much limped on each one… so, with Andrea’s advice, I decided not to push it this morning and avoid an injury.  I felt awful- we had planned all week to get our long run done together but Andrea assured me she could finish the 10 miles on her own from her house.  I went back inside and immediately got out my foam roller.  I’ve known I’ve needed to use it since the knee started hurting a few weeks ago, but for some reason, I just never do it!  I started with my hamstrings.  It hurt.  The left leg definitely more than the right.  I moved to the calf muscles, then the quads.  The quads are waaaaay tight with multiple knots.  I spent a LOT of time on the quads before I moved to the adductors… and ouch!  That hurt even more!  After a half hour of rolling, my knee felt normal again.  So crazy!  No creakiness whatsoever.  It was 7am, so I decided I could make up the miles with 2 back to back spin classes.  I was already scheduled to teach the 9am class.  I showered off the stink from the run and got ready for the first class.

I was a little nervous that I may be pushing it as the class started.  I kept my resistance low and surprisingly, felt no pain in my knee during class.  I made it 10 miles during class and then moved over to the instructor bike for my class.  This time, I put the resistance up a little higher and kept the cadence up to make up miles from missing my run.  I ended up with 10 more miles during my class for a total of 20 miles on the bike.  I think that puts me at the equivalence of a 15 mile run adding in the 5 miles I had run with Andrea earlier.

One side note, I overheard a girl in my class this morning complaining to her neighbor that the resistance was too high for class this morning.  I was eavesdropping fully admit it- if I wasn’t teaching correctly or she had a complaint, I wanted to hear it.  However, I’ll take a complaint about how hard the resistance is as a compliment.  I’d rather have someone complain about the resistance or class being too hard over being too easy any day!  So, I did not lighten up the resistance and I gave myself a good workout 🙂  Others in class thanked me afterwards- heck, so did she! 🙂

So now, post failed run and 2 cycle classes, my knee feels alright.  I soaked in an epsom salt bath when I got home, took some aleve, napped, and now am icing.  I’m confident this will be back to normal after my scheduled rest day tomorrow and more aleve and icing.

Ugh!  What has set you back before?  When do you decide to run through it or to step it back?


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