Distracted or Ornery Running Partner?

*Disclaimer: I do really love my dog

Bisou was a hot mess on our run this morning and I have to admit, I finished very irritated with her.  To set the picture, I finished literally pulling a mid-60 pound dog down a hill.  I can tell you firsthand now, pulling a dog that is more than half you weight, is not fun.

She was excited when I pulled her leash out this morning and her tail was wagging anxiously as I put it on her.  We set out at an easy pace in the dark, damp, cool morning air.  She did great for the first mile… then, she started to get distracted by her surroundings.  I don’t know if she can smell the change in the weather or if more small animals like bunnies, birds, and squirrels are out in the mornings now, but for the past week, she has not been the focused running buddy that I enjoyed throughout the winter months.  Maybe it’s because it’s slightly lighter out and she can see more of what’s going on around her… I don’t know, but she is looking every which way and not paying attention to the course.

Close to mile 3 we were headed up a gradual uphill- it’s a rather long and steady climb… and I found myself pulling her up it!  Ugh!  Annoyance #1.  And I did find myself embarrassed when I failed to see 2 runners coming down the hill towards us and I was yelling at Bisou to “come on!”  Probably why they didn’t wave or say hi as they passed on by… so I made sure to greet them anyways.

She did ok miles 4 and 5… actually around mile 4 1/2, she was pulling me!  I was about to pull her back and remind her to keep pace with me, when I realized what a good thing it was that she was ahead of me rather than me pulling her and I matched her pace for bit.

Then, close to mile 6, she was D-O-N-E.  Just done.  We were close to home and her engine stopped.  Literally, I was yanking her to even go.  My arm was fully extended behind me and I dragged her the last 1/2 mile home and I was calling her nasty little names in my head at this point…

Of course, I could have walked her in.  I could have thought maybe she’s hurting, hungry, or thirsty.  After all, dogs probably need the same hydration and fuel we do to keep going right?  Or is she just a stubborn hot mess like me?  Since she can’t tell me, I won’t know.

But, seriously, how can you stay irritated at this for long?

Awful cute Weim!

 And… she has been blissfully asleep all day right next to me as I slave away… such a rough life!


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