Mental Mind Games

This morning marked a great run and a great spin class!  I enjoyed every second of both and the time flew by!

I started out at 6am solo for the start of a 12 mile run.  I left Bisou at home for the first part and planned to pick her up for the last 2 or 3 miles.  It was dark and I have to admit it was a bit freaky to run alone in the dark!  I started out pain-free.  The weather was *perfect* for a run, 50 degrees, cool, clear skies, and no wind.  Around mile 2 I noticed some creakiness settling into my knee.  I decided to keep going and see how it went…

I chose a flat course for this morning to save some stress on my legs and I’m happy to say I made the right decision 🙂  The miles flew by.  Although, I did notice that went my mind went blank between thoughts and I focused on my knee, it hurt.  But when I was actively thinking about one topic or another, there was no pain.  I came to the conclusion that it was all mental- another game that I’ll have to come up against in my training!  And it worked!  Every time I felt a “creak” or a pain, I would turn my focus to something else… and it worked!  In fact, the last 5 miles of my run were the best I’ve had in a really long time!  I was going strong by mile 10 when I stopped to pick up Bisou.  I do have to admit, I was nervous to stop and get her seeing that last Saturday when I stopped to drop her off, my knee went out.  I was hoping that stopping wouldn’t hinder me getting going again.  She was so excited her entire body wagged as I put her leash on.  We started down the driveway and I felt great!  We powered through the last 2 miles for a solid 12 mile run… no limping, little soreness, and complete happiness :).

I stretched out, fed Bisou, and got ready to switch gears and teach spin class.  I headed to the gym and started class with one solo attendee… after we started our warm up, another woman joined us for a sold 2 attendees in class this morning :).  I’m assuming everyone else was taking advantage of the sun after a week of rain showers.  I don’t blame them!  I think that added to the bliss I felt on my run earlier this morning- the birds were singing loudly, and it was just peaceful.

Class flew by and I could tell by the heavy breathing and the looks I was getting that I was working them pretty good.  For the last drill, I asked what their favorite is and what they would like to do.  One shouted out, no tension and no speed!  Well, obviously we can’t do that until the cool down but I did give them  break and let them take off the tension as long as they kept the pace at a good rate to keep their heart rates up.  My knee didn’t bother me during class for the most part, only during a standing climb when I piled the tension on.

I do have to note that I decided to play it safe and went in to see my doctor this week to get my knee checked out.  After Wednesday’s awful run with Bisou, I had some throbbing in the afternoon that went away with a few aleve.  Still, I thought being 2 months out from the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon, I should get it checked just to be safe.  The doctor agreed that it was probably my IT Band after she examined my knee.  The good news is it is not associated with my meniscus from what she can tell and she doesn’t think it’s my knee at all.  I am going to follow-up with a physical training session next week just to make sure that I’m not overcompensating in any way that will lead to a different more severe injury.  I told her my plan to ramp down mileage this week and she suggested another week of low miles for good measure.  Can’t say I’m not happy to oblige 🙂  I enjoyed the lower miles this week.  It allowed me to get back to the basics, the real reason I started running distance… I do it because it makes me happy and it’s FUN!  In fact, I subbed my scheduled 8 mile run yesterday morning for an hour of pilates.  It hurt at first, but then felt amazing!  I am going to look into adding yoga and pilates into my training regime, doubling up on some days after my runs.  The strength exercises and the stretching are a great compliment to running!

Now, I enjoying reading my Runners World and my new Running Times magazines that have piled up- soaking in the motivation and inspiration from the pages.



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