Oooh! It hurts so good!

I have bad about blogging this week- here it is already Wednesday!  Woot Woot!  That only means the work week is already more than halfway over and then it’s time to play :).

I spent the beginning of the week working out the issues in my left outer knee.  Monday night I had a session with my massage therapist.  Due to a special she was running, I had booked a 90 minute appointment and it could not have come at a better time.  I told her what was going on with my leg and she went to work.  As always when I see her, the massage was anything BUT relaxing.  But, again, that’s why I keep coming back :).  She twisted and pulled my muscles, working out the knots.  She pressed lightly around the knees to find any “hot spots” and luckily didn’t’ find any.  My trigger spots were actually more in my quads- the vastus lateralis. Ouch.  And I mean ouch.  I sorta wished I had a towel to bite on while she needed that muscle on each leg.  Instead, I’m sure my face was contorted into very unattractive expressions.  Her other diagnosis:  I have a weak buttocks.  She recommended skipping the lunges from now on and incorporating other buttocks strengthening exercises that will take pressure off the knees.  She sent me on my way with lots of samples of biofreeze and recommended that I lube some on my quads before I run to see if that makes a difference.

Tuesday morning I had my appointment with my physical therapist.  I do have to note that my run Tuesday morning was a lot better than it has been for a week.  I did lube up in some biofreeze and I tell you what, it felt good!  Whether it helped or not, having an icy substance on your tired muscles throughout the run is kinda energizing.  Back to the PT…  as expected, he just shook his head to see me sitting in the waiting room again and asked if I’ve been doing too much running… AGAIN! Guilty!  We talked about the pain.  He was puzzled that the pain flared up after the muscle was warmed up and then went away within a mile or so.  He had me do some flexibility tests and probed my IT band for any pain.  When all came out pain-free, he said I was lucky and I seemed to have caught it before any real injury occurred.  He thinks I’m on the verge of ITBS and that is something I do not want to mess with.  He said my flexibility is great, my physical shape is great, and my cardio shape is great.  He asked why I thought it was necessary to push myself into all these super long runs when I’m clearly ready to run the marathon tomorrow- both physically and mentally.  So… we talked about revising my training plan to allow my body some more rest, which is clearly screaming for.  He did not like my idea of incorporating two a days with yoga or pilates, however, agreed with the massage therapist that nixing lunges and incorporating yoga and pilates strengthening for the glutes and hips was a better approach for where I’m at.  Ok!  Seriously, I do not have to be told twice to nix the lunges- DONE! 🙂  And I’m ok after talking with him about my physical shape to cut back on the serious miles.  He did hint that I may not be cut out for ultra marathons though… :(.  Not that I have any immediate plans, but who knows what I’ll want to do in the future :).

And lastly, he scolded me.  That’s right. I got a good ol’ fashioned scolding- like what I used to get from my parents.  He asked if my running shoes needed to be replaced.  I told I didn’t know but I was wearing them so he could take a look.  He took a look, shook his head again and said “seriously, you don’t know if you need new shoes?”  So, I took a look.  The outer toe area of my left shoe was completely worn down.  I had no shock absorption left.  That, he said is probably a main contributor to my recent pain- makes sense since the pain is up my left knee.  Surprisingly, the heels of the shoes were untouched.  The little bumps still existed like they’d never been worn.  Here’s a picture of the poor shoes:

So, I spent the afternoon after work at Fitness Sports getting new shoes.  The salesman looked at the bottoms of my old ones and said I am definitely in the right *kind* of shoe for how I am hitting the ground- a forefoot striker. The Mizumo Wave is treating me right so that’s good news!  So, I laced up a new pair of the exact same shoe and left my old beat up tennis to be recycled.

My run this morning was relatively pain-free… the first mile was the roughest… I lubed up with biofreeze once again and put on my new shoes= happy feet 🙂  Post run, I have no pain, for the first time in a week!  Onward friends!


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