Bringing Back the Joy

I have thoroughly enjoyed my training schedule this week.  I took it easy, subbed spin classes when I felt I needed to give my legs a rest and enjoyed a wonderful massage to work out the kinks that have been plaguing me of late.

And, it’s paid off.  I am taking in my scenery, I brought my iPod on some runs with me for the first time ever this week and enjoyed the distraction of music and forgot about my pace and route and just ran.  Today, I tackled a 15 mile run, the longest since my left knee went out on me a few weeks ago and I ran it pain and injury free.  While I found out this week that injury was self-induced with worn out shoes, the new shoes must be working their magic! 🙂

I joined my neighbor and her running group yesterday morning and this morning joined two girls from my running group for an early jaunt starting at the Waterbury trail after I ran Bisou a quick 3 miles to get in my full 15.  Running is about the journey, and I’m back to enjoying the ride.  🙂  Two weeks of rest and my body is back to “normal”… at least it’s not revolting against me anymore.

This week also started the spring session of Girls on the Run (  This session, I have an assistant coach as we have 5 girls in the program.  Two 3rd graders and 3 5th graders… and hopefully more will join us next week too!  This program is as much of a growth experience for me as it is for the girls.  I love seeing how their faces light up as we go through the lessons and encourage them to reach new milestones (this week it was running for 10 minutes straight!).  I’m so excited that this is part of my running journey and look forward to what this will add to my life at  the culmination of our 10 weeks together.



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