Giving Up is NOT an Option

That sums up my last long run before the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon.  I ran 20 miles this morning and it was one of the roughest runs I’ve done so far this training season.

Andrea and I started out at 6am this morning.  I was ready mentally, although I knew my body was tired and it wouldn’t be a speedy run for me.  The plan was to run Bisou 5.3 miles, drop her off at my house, run a little more than 2 miles to meet a girl that recently joined up with our running club, run 10 miles with her, then run back to my house for 20.

It started out great.  Bisou was a speed demon and I had to reign her back consistently.  It was humid- about 85% humidity and I was drenched within the first mile.  I felt good though.  I wasn’t as slow as I expected to be.  Conversation was already good for early hour, which always helps too 🙂

Then, about mile 3 my tummy started gurgling.  Crap. I knew there was a Kum and Go at mile 4… however, I couldn’t make it there.  I told Andrea I needed to stop and walk.  A little embarrassing, but thankfully I was with Andrea who is really easy going and understanding 🙂  I was worried about slowing her down though!  I walked a bit and was able to start running again.  I quickly had to walk again and told Andrea to just keep going and I’d meet her there.  After a stop at Kum and Go, we were behind to meet the other girl and I felt a little stressed about slowing everyone down.  I picked up the pace to get back to my house and drop off Bisou.  That was a bad idea.  After we dropped off Bisou, we went up a hill and that about killed me 🙂  MAN!  My body is tired!  The 2 mile run to our meeting spot felt like we were going at a 7 min/mile pace and we were actually closer to a 9!  Oi.

I’m not sure what happened, but we never connected with the girl we were going to meet up with.  We waited 20 minutes past the meeting time and never saw her, so we decided to keep going.  We changed our route to go up around Jordan Creek Mall and to Valley Junction.  Andrea’s achille’s tendon starting acting up so we took it a little slower until it loosened up.  I felt ok, slow, but ok at this point.

At mile 13, my tummy acted up again.  My parent’s church is doing construction, so I veered off and used a porta potty on site while Andrea stretched her ankle.  At this point, I started to slow way down.  Andrea kept a good pace and I kept her in sight, but I was not pushing myself to keep up.  I was at a 9:20 min/mile pace and knew this close to the marathon, the last thing I wanted to do was push it and get injured.  My body is already tired.  Thankfully, my tummy troubles subsided for the rest of the run.

I’m not going to lie.  The last 6 miles when Andrea was ahead of me was a mental struggle.  I thought many times about cutting it short.  I mean, my body was tired, why push it??  But I know why.  I knew if I did not finish this run on tired runs, I would have cause for the mental monkeys to play in my head during the marathon.  I needed to prove to myself that I had the strength and the mental power to finish this run.  “Giving up is NOT an option” kept going through my head.  Before I knew it, we were at mile 18.  Only 2 more to go.  Again, “giving up is NOT and option” over and over… especially as I passed the street that would take me right to my front door.  I had something to prove to myself.  After all, in 3 weeks, would I give up if I was tired?  If I gave up this morning, how would I ever push myself to keep pace and finish the marathon?

It was a tough, mental run and I am VERY glad it is behind me!  After I finished, I was so dizzy!  I drank a lot of water and made a protein shake to get into my system quickly.  Then, I stretched and soaked in some epsom salts.  Now, I’m blogging and delaying finishing packing before I head to AZ for a work conference.

On a side note, I noticed through my cracked toenail polish that I am now starting to lose the 2nd toenail on my right foot too.  Dang!  For me, pedicure season is over even before it begins 😦 !



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