The bad, the ugly… and a prescription

I know, the title is missing “the good” right?  Well, there was NOTHING good about my last long run on Saturday.  It was a crap run.  And I mean that VERY literally.

In hindsight, I think I had the flu.  In 8 miles, I stopped 5 times.  I first got sick in the middle of a golf course.  Thankfully, there were KYBOs dotting the course so I was able to duck into 2 of those.  Unfortunately, I was running on the Great Western Trail with a friend and the golf course was our halfway point to turn back around.  Which means I had 4 miles to run back with no stops, only the woods around me.

When my tummy acted up the 3rd time, I told Andrea to just go on without me.  It was EMBARRASSING!  And I didn’t know if I could run it back in or if I’d be walking some of it.  You do the math, that means I pulled into the woods 3 times to get sick.  I just hoped and prayed that no runners or worse yet, bikers with a bird’s eye view, would be coming down the trail.  I did get lucky on that one!

I went to a mother-daughter tea with my mom and my niece and some friends from bible study after the disastrous run.  I did manage to get down some coconut water and a homemade protein bar afterwards- heck, I had nothing left in my system by that point.  It stayed down throughout the tea and I went home and collapsed into bed for a blissful 3 hour nap.

I woke up in time to get ready for my dinner plans and to go see a comedy show… although those grandiose ideas were squashed when I got sick again after dinner.  Walking out of the restaurant I was shivering and freezing cold.  Mind you, it was a very nice 70 degrees outside and I was already wearing jeans and a cardigan… so, I headed back home and hopped back in bed.

Sunday didn’t feel all that much better, which is when it dawned on me that more was going on… dang it!!!  Less than a week out from the marathon.  I rested yesterday and then made myself get up and going… taking my mom to a greenhouse to pick out flowers and then doing some yard work.  Gradually, I started feeling better.

Being my taper week, I took Bisou out for a short and slow 3 mile run this morning and by the end of it, well, let’s just say it was good timing to reach home.  I wouldn’t have made it much farther without a stop.

With that, I threw in the towel and promptly called my doctor when her office opened at 8am.  This crap is CRAP!  I talked to her nurse who oh so nicely called me in a prescription for anti-diarhea :).  With the promise that I will be in her office next week post-marathon to “discuss” further… (and mind you, I do have my appointment set up for next Wednesday).

So, here’s putting my faith in drugs… to get me through the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon without any embarrassing moments.  I do fear that this officially puts me over the edge though… seeking a prescription to ensure that there will be no stops during the marathon.  I even called the nurse back to see if it I would evoke any harm to my body if I started taking doses of the anti-diarhea the day before… you know, just for safe measure.  She said that would be fine, worst case I would end up constipated… then she actually laughed and said from the sound of it, I shouldn’t have anything left in my system regardless!  Well, I’m glad could bring some humor to her day today :).  Here goes nothing!


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