Just Not Right…

There are some things you should just never have to bear witness to before you’ve had breakfast.  I’m going to take a minute to rant here, well, because I can :).

I started this morning off teaching the 5:30am spin class.  It was great!  I have to admit, I was a little verklempt climbing onto the bike knowing that I should be more sore and unable to tackle the tougher workout I had planned for this morning’s class.  The feeling subsided as I got my heart rate up and the endorphins kicked in.  The hills felt a little harder than normal, but that is to be expected at this point seeing as how my legs are still pretty tight.

After class, I came home and leashed up Bisou for a walk.  It’s a GORGEOUS morning outside and I wanted to take advantage of the quiet time.  That, and Bisou was rearing to go when I came through the door.  Even if I’m tired, she still needs her exercise…

We went out on a mile and 3/4 route.  Ok, I actually set off of a mile and half route, but was lost in thought and apparently forgot to turn at some point.  It was this mistake that led me to the unfortunate sight that greeted us as we crested a hill on the new, revised route.

Up ahead was an old man, probably about in his 70’s.  In little red shorts.  And that’s all.  His big belly was hanging over his shorts  and his white butt crack was gleaning as he was bent over his bike picking up trash.

GROSS!  Some things, are just NOT OK.  This is one I would put in that category.  He stood up.  Thank goodness!  Then, oh no!  He was bending over again, letting the moon shine.  I diverted my eyes and kept them down on the ground in front of me.  Then… he called out to me and Bisou “Good Morning!”  No, please don’t talk to me and make me look at you was my first thought.  I mumbled good morning back and hoped that would suffice.  Nope.  He got on his bike, belly flopping and that butt crack still shining and rode up next to us.  “It’s a great morning isn’t is?”  I replied yes.  “How many miles are you putting on this morning?” he asked… I told him just a few with my dog… then he beamed a huge smile, apparently clueless at the sight he was displaying in all his glory on top of the back and wished us a good day and pedaled off in front of him.  So, the sight of a an old man in tiny red shorts with a big belly and a butt crack cycling off down the street is what I’m left with as a vision on this gloriously beautiful morning.  Yuck.  There are just some things you shouldn’t have to witness before breakfast.  No wonder I’m really not hungry.

Cheers to better sights ahead my friends!


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