Things You Never Want to Hear Your Massage Therapist Say…

I’m sure there are a lot things you never want to hear your massage therapist say… today, I heard one of them.  As I was scrunching my face up in pain and exhaling and inhaling loudly to “breathe through it”, she says “I’m trying to figure out if your rib is popped out.”  What??!!??  My RIB?? POPPED OUT??? I mean, I know I can tolerate pain, but isn’t that something I would feel, like every day??  I didn’t respond, just kept on breathing as she worked around the area asking me if I felt shooting pain in my back, down my arm, or if it was just uncomfortable in the spot she was touching.  Thankfully, I didn’t experience any of the shooting pain and it was most definitely “uncomfortable.”  Due to that response, she proclaimed it was “all in my lats.”

After the massage, she showed me how to stretch out my lats and also informed me that my rib had rolled a bit out-of-place.  Seriously, how does that even happen?

Another thing you don’t want to hear your massage therapist say is “have you ever noticed this mole on your back?  Maybe your doctor should check it out.”  My masseuse didn’t say that today, I heard that one about a year ago.  Fortunately, I am very well aware of the mole on my back and have asked my doctor to check it out several times.  She says it’s nothing to worry about, but for cosmetic reasons, I can schedule an appointment to have it removed.  Which, I still haven’t done… a year later… geez!

I’m pretty sure I would be uncomfortable if my masseuse said things like “how do you like that?  does that feel? do you want more?”  UNLESS, of course, my masseuse resembled Zac Efron


Way too many pictures to choose from 🙂

 Matthew McConaughey

I LOVE that there are so many pictures of him running!
 this GQ hottie 🙂

Or, hey, even Sean from this season of the Bachelorette (yes, I’m a sucker for that show!)

and he loves dogs!
Ahh, ok, I digress… I have to say, the “research” for this post was very enjoyable 🙂 And totally unrelated, but during my errrr, “research”, I came across this video of Betty White that made me laugh- love her!  I hope that I am still running and still spunky when I hit that age!


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