Quote of the Week and a little extra…

We are designed to run, and we increase our chance of daily happiness when we do so.”– Jeff Galloway, American Olympian and author

That statement is so true!  I had a gorgeous run yesterday morning around Greys Lake and Principal Park with a friend and Bisou.  Afterwards, I was in the best mood I’ve been in a long time.  My legs finally are “bouncing back” post marathon and I just felt great!  Here’s a picture of the sunrise over Greys Lake with the Des Moines skyline in the background- that was the back drop to our run yesterday, how can you NOT be in a terrific mood after dwelling in that for an hour? 🙂

Greys Lake at sunrise

And here’s a little “extra” for you this morning.  This was posted on the “See -Us Run Des Moines” Facebook page and I think it about sums it for me!

We always say “Listen to your body.” Here’s some perspective on what that means:

“One of the biggest things I learned is that sometimes you have to relax. I’ll give you an example. Most American athletes run too hard, too often. Recovery days have to be easy. One day in England, I was going out for an easy afternoon 6-mile run with Moses Kiptanui three days before a meet in Stockholm. We jogged the 300 meters to the park and Moses stops and says he’s too tired to run and he goes home. I’m wondering if he is okay. Three days later, he runs 7:58 for the steeplechase.

I asked him later about skipping that easy run and he said sometimes his body tells him it’s not time to train. Kenyans understand their body better, I think. Whereas a Western athlete, if they are tired, would try to jam their way through it. I learned that from them and was a better athlete as a result.” –12:58 5ker Bob Kennedy

See-Us Run Des Moines is an organization that is designed to help teens face adversity in their lives and help them realize what they are capable of accomplishing through… you guessed it!  RUNNING!  The organization puts together a training plan from spring through fall for the teens to run the Des Moines Marathon in October.  Now that Girls on the Run is finished for the spring, I’m going to join this group for some of their training runs.  My first run with the group will be for their long run on Saturday- I’m a little nervous as I don’t know what to expect… I’m sure it’ll be a great experience and I’ll have more to post after the run on Saturday.



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