Oops! Did my dog do that?

Watch for the shooting poo!  Bisou should be wearing that sign on her rear from now on.  She is such a great running buddy, never ever has she had to go to the bathroom during a run or walk (much unlike her owner :).  Yesterday morning, I met Andrea C. and Cindy for a run through Beaverdale.  We had barely gone one mile with Bisou and I in front of Andrea and Cindy, when I heard Andrea exclaim- what IS that?! Did she just poop?  I didn’t even notice, Bisou, in horse-like fashion, just kept on running whiles shooting poo from her behind!  Now, thankfully, she did NOT hit either Andrea or Cindy and neither of them stepped in the mess either… I stopped my watch and circled back to clean it up.  Thankfully, it was garbage day in Beaverdale, so I just tossed it in someone’s trash to be picked up later in the morning.  Now, THAT is a funny story 🙂  and hopefully a once in my running lifetime one.

Today, was long run Saturday.  I had 14 miles on the schedule.  I planned to do 6 on my own with Bisou and then meet up with See- Us Run Des Moines for the remaining 8 miles.  I have to tell you, when the alarm went off at 4:45am, it took a LOT of effort to pull myself out of bed, especially knowing that I was going it alone for the first trek.  I seriously considered sleeping in, meeting the See-Us Run group for 8 and putting the 14 miler off until tomorrow.  Only, that just delayed the inevitable and tomorrow there’s a very great chance I’d have to do the entire 14 alone.  So, I got up, ate a rice cake and almond butter, and stretched.  Surprisingly, by the time I left the house at 5:30, I felt wide awake and like it was perfectly normal to be hitting the streets at this hour on a Saturday.    Bisou and I headed towards Valley Junction- 1 because I like running down the street and peering into the windows of the shops and 2 because I know they have ample KYBOSs on that block.  I was a little worried about my tummy starting out… It was a really humid morning and by mile 3, I was drenched.  I took the long loop, passing Valley Junction and then circling back to go down the street.  I was a little more than half way down the street when I felt my tummy churn.  Knowing I wouldn’t make it home, I turned around and headed to the KYBOs and said a silent prayer thanking God that they were available just when needed 🙂  I finished my 6 miles, dropped Bisou off, took some new electrolyte tablets- endurolytes from Hammer Nutrition– that I picked up yesterday to see if they would help training in the heat and humidity.  I was a little scared to take any gels since I needed a potty stop during the first half of the long run and leading some teens wouldn’t be a good time for more tummy troubles.  Instead, I grabbed a handful of Snyders Gluten Free pretzels- which, I don’t know if it was the mix of the endurolytes and pretzels, but it worked great!  I did not feel fatigued nor was I plagued with tummy troubles during the second part of the run!

I met up with the See- Us Run group at Roosevelt High School, met the 2 girls I was to run with and we set off.  I told them to set the pace and I’d keep up.  The pace ended up being about an 11 min/mile pace,which felt painfully slow at first and I had trouble keeping back, my instinct was to try to pass the other mentors and their kids.  It very quickly turned into a comfortable pace once I got used to it and I started asking the girls questions to learn more about them.  Both are juniors at Roosevelt- 1 is a cheerleader and doing the program for the first time to “stay in shape” during the summer and the other runs track in the spring and this is her 3rd year participating in the program.  For the cheerleader, 8 miles was the farthest she’d ever run!  What an inspiration!  I was so excited for her!  I remember how it was training and every weekend being in awe that I had just completed a run that I never ever thought I would be tackling :).  Around mile 6, she even commented that 8 miles felt so much easier than the 6 miles they had run the weekend before.  Shortly after that, we caught up with some other mentors and their kids- one who happened to be her sister and we finished with her.  Even though the pace was slow, the run flew by- it was FUN!  I am so glad I joined them this morning and am looking forward to more runs!

I’ll leave you with a quote from another running mentor this morning that really resonated with me “what a wonderful blessing to be outside running in this weather!”  So true, a blessing indeed to just be able to run, to be free, and enjoying the company of other runners, encouraging them along the way, and taking in Des Moines :).


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