As I drove home from the second part of my run this morning, I let a big exhale and realized how free I felt in that moment.  I felt energized and happy!  I hadn’t noticed I’d been holding my breath, but truth is, I’ve been battling some things in my mind for a few weeks and yesterday I finally made a decision that was long overdue.  And today, I feel free and I can breathe.  That’s just another reason I love running!  After hitting the pavement, I think the last bits and pieces of what I’ve been wrangling with was ground into sand and left on the street.

I ran 4 miles bright and early with the group of gals who run in my neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous morning after storms blew through last night ringing most of the humidity of out the air and bringing temps down by 30 degrees.  After a 4 mile loop with the gals, I took Bisou home and headed to Roosevelt High School to meet the See-Us Run Des Moines group for a training run of 3 and a half miles.  I started out with my friend Andrea C. and a girl she runs with regularly.  As Andrea navigated us along the course, another kid in the program ran up behind us.  He was going at a slightly faster pace than we were and Andrea suggested I pull ahead with him and she’d stay with her buddy.  We took off for the last mile of the run, which was mostly uphill.  I challenged myself to keep talking and get to know him a little as we crested the first hill.  It dawned on me what an inspiration these kids truly are!  I just started running 7 years ago and attempted my first marathon the year I turned 30.  Here, there are high school kids giving up sleeping in during their summer break to… run???  And what’s more, to complete a marathon??  I mentioned that to my running buddy and he shared that before beginning this program in the spring he hadn’t really done any sort of physical activity.  Glancing at my garmin, I noticed we were at an 8:30 pace, so I commented on his natural abilities!   He told me that it’s a great way to get out emotions when you’re upset about something.  I just had to smile.  He had no idea how therapeutic this run this morning was for me and he really hit the nail on the head.  In fact yesterday, after teaching spin class a member came up to me and said “that was a bad hair workout!” I didn’t understand so he explained that something was surely bothering me and I was working out something because I worked them HARD and without any breaks! I started to apologize and he assured me he enjoyed the tougher workout :).

And today, I exhale.  For the best is yet to come.  Running brings us through our times of adversity.


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