Bonus Quote this Week

A blogger I follow posted this quote today and I had to steal it! Thanks Iowa Girl Eats!

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!”

I love it!  And it’s so fitting for where I am at right now in my running.  It’s HOT and HUMID here in the midwest.  We hit 101 degrees in Des Moines yesterday and today is a balmy mid-90’s.  The heat, I love- in fact bring it!  The humidity, I loathe.  😦  I took Bisou out for a short mile and a half lap at a good pace this morning before it got sweltering (it was still 84 degrees) and when I brought her home, the sweat came gushing out of me.  Pretty, huh? 🙂

Then, I met the See- Us Run Des Moines group for their Thursday training lap- a 3.75 loop in the Roosevelt neighborhood.  I continue to love these runs!  Even though it’s EARLY for these kids to get up during their summer vacations, once we start going, they are smiling and chatting.  It just feels great to experience the joy of running with them… the other side of running with them is learning to go at a slower pace.  Which, I am trying to remind myself is OK!!  I will continue to push myself hard on my speed days, but you know what?  With this heat and humidity, I am actually doing my body good to slow down and enjoy the run on my “easy” run days.

And… I know I’m still lapping everyone who’s still snuggly in bed, watching the morning news from their couch, or dunking that donut into their coffee :).

Cheers to a hot hot hot Thursday!


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