Drowned Rat

Wringing the sweat out of my shirt post run

Holy Moly!  It is HUMID (!!!) in the Midwest!  I have never experienced anything like this before. I was soaked to the core by the time I finished my long run this morning, here’s me trying to wring the sweat out of my shirt post run.

It was upper 70’s at 5:45am with 80% humidity when Kelly and I started out this morning.  I had 15 miles on my schedule and had broken it into 2 different neighborhood loops so that I would have company the entire way.  Kelly and I were running 5 miles with Bisou and then Jen joined me for the 2nd half.  It took twice as long to start “feeling good” during the run this morning.  I planned to take it nice and easy anticipating the heat, but I had no idea how much the weather would affect me.  Thankfully, I had 2 pretty flat routes planned.  And thankfully, I had company the whole way.  If Kelly hadn’t been there to chat with me and keep me pre-occupied, I don’t know if I would have done the entire 5 mile loop without walking.  I was wimping out big time in my head.  Finally, at mile 4 I started to feel good and we finished strong.

I had 10 minutes before Jen was coming for the 2nd longer loop.  I iced Bisou down with an ice-cube massage and put her food out.  I wiped myself down with a towel and contemplated changing clothes before heading out again.  I was already sweaty and my hat was dripping.  I decided it was only going to get worse and kept my sweaty clothes on, fueling with a Honey Stinger Gold gel and drinking a glass of water as Jen pulled up.

We started out and right away I could tell she had fresh legs.  She was chatting and keeping a pretty good pace- at least, at this point I thought it was a pretty good pace- I’m sure for her it was pretty darn slow!  I grunted in agreement here and there and gave some one word input to the conversation when appropriate… I was struggling!  I was not able to talk comfortably and Jen started to pull ahead a little bit.  Which, at this point, I was thankful for so I could just follow and not think.  I decided then that I needed to break this run into 3 parts- 5, 5, and 5 in order to mentally get through it.  So, I started counting down the miles until the 10 mile mark where I could break to take another gel and refill my water bottle.  The 10 mile mark ended up at a park and as we walked over to the facilities, I noticed how wet I was!  It felt like I had peed my pants!  Everything was soaking and dripping.  My shirt was stuck to me (so much for dry wicking!).  I was gross.  And I was faded.  I needed fuel.  I took a Hammer Endurolyte tab and another gel.  Jen came back to report that the bathrooms were locked and suggested we go to her friend’s house who live a block away.  We walked there to get our energy back and when we walked in, it was like heaven.  The air conditioning was going full blast, I drank some water, and immediately I was feeling better.  When we started out, I had energy and fresh legs.  It didn’t last long.  Pretty soon, I was trailing Jen again.  Thankfully, she remembered my need for a stop at Kum & Go to refill my water bottle.  When we got going again, I suggested a change in route that would shorten it slightly and give us a change of scenery from the out and back we were on.  At mile 13 we headed up a hill, which at this time looked monstrous!  🙂  I started telling myself I am an athlete and I do not give up, so I was going to tackle this hill and keep going!  I pushed up the hill knowing we would only have a mile left once we reached the top.  And, we got to go downhill on the way :).  I could feel my clothes sticking to me in that bad, icky, wet way.  Once inside, my shoes were even squeaking on the floor and leaving wet marks- so gross!  I tried to stretch out and was disgusted by the wet clothes clinging so I decided that would have to wait until after I showered and cleaned up a bit.

Chalking this up to another experience- and another one I would be happy not to experience again :).  But I’m glad we finished.  Total, I ran 14.38 miles.  Which, in my book, with as much effort as that took, equals 15- I was more than happy to call it done.

I never thought I would say this, but I think I may prefer running in the cold!


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