Settling for 2nd best…

Running is my first love when it comes to working out, pounding out a stressful day, enjoying a gorgeous day outside, or pushing myself to my limits with a hard speed workout.  This weekend, however, I had to settle for 2nd best… my bike.  I’ve self diagnosed myself as having Achilles tendonitis.  My left ankle is tight along the Achilles tendon and for a few nights last week after running, my ankle and entire foot had swollen up like I had a case of elephantiasis.  (although, my niece did inform me why my foot did not look like an elephant- they must have studied it in school! It was a very detailed account…)

I had a 20 mile run scheduled for this weekend and judging how my ankle reacted to shorter runs throughout the week, I decided (with some advice from running buddies) to take a week off from running and rest it.  I still needed to get a long workout in.  I figured a 20 mile run would take me between 3 and a half to 4 hours, so I decided to get on my bike and ride it out for that same amount of time. I ended up riding 47 miles, which took me on the Great Western Trail to Martensdale, where I turned around.   That’s a LONG time to sit in the saddle, especially since I hadn’t ridden all summer :).  Which also left me plenty of time to make note of observations:

1. kick ass grannies: There were two older ladies- I’d say they are definitely older than 60 that were kicking ass on the trail. One was running and 1 was biking.  I want to be like them when I’m older!  An inspiration and I love that they were out at the crack of dawn doing what they love. (ok, assumption there…)
2. not so friendly bikers:  Cyclists are not as friendly as runners.  Runners greet other runners they meet with a wave, a smile, and a good morning, etc.  So, I assumed the same applied to cyclists.  Nope.  None of my good morning’s were returned.  Some nodded in acknowledgement, but no one greeted me first and most just kept eyes straight ahead and diverted eye contact.
3. hot guys:  Cyclists are hot.  Enough said.  Some friends have joked that I should carry cards with my number to hand to runners I think are attractive on the trail… this might need to happen when I’m biking too :).
4. chipmunks are dumb:  Out of all the critters that I rode by, chipmunks are by far inferior.  All the other critters would run the opposite way of my bike, into the woods and off the trail.  Not chipmunks.  They ran in front of my tire and unfortunately, I did clip one.  Oops!
5. twice as long:  I can go twice as far with half the effort on the bike.  I was out for 3 and a half hours and I felt like I could have kept going for another 3 and a half hours.  And I wasn’t a sweaty, hot mess when I finished either.  Last weekend, after a 15 mile run, I looked like a drowned rat.  After a 47 mile bike ride, I was dry, slightly tired, but somewhat refreshed.  I do not have that feeling when I finish a 20 mile run.

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