Hot and “Shweddy”

85 degrees at 5am?  As I came home drenched in sweat and literally dripping as I walked into the house, my mind went to this skit from SNL:

SNL Shweddy Balls

While this skit is a little reminiscent of the Holidays and cooler weather (I can only wish for right now!), the name and the commentary ring true.  EVERYTHING is “shweddy.”

Bisou was panting with her tongue hanging loosely to the side.  Halfway through our 6 mile run, my friend Beth tried to give her some water and she denied it.  We figured the dog would take water if she was desperate enough and kept on going.  I did give Bisou a nice rub down with an ice-cube post run to cool her off quickly before taking her to daycare for the day (Yes, she goes to daycare… it’s good for her to socialize with other pups and it wears her out!!)

Like I mentioned, I was dripping with sweat and ravenous.  Which, really, I was only thirsty, but felt like I was starving.  I drank some chocolate almond milk for a post run recovery drink.  Stretching was twice as hard as my muscles are just tight!  I think the heat and humidity have something to do with that too.  My hamstrings are the worst.  I have ALWAYS been able to touch my toes and have remained pretty flexible as I’ve gotten older, thanks to years of dance.  But for the past few weeks, I can barely reach my toes…

Some other observations I’ve made about this insane heat:

1. I am now a huge fan of tanks with a built-in sport bra.  I used to double up, wear a sport bra even though the tank had one.  Why?  I don’t know… it’s not like I need the extra to hold me in, I’ve dropped down to a small bra size, but I guess I just like the reassurance.  Not now.  It’s too hot and the less you can wear, the better (although, you will not see me in a little sports bra and running shorts… which brings me to #2)

2. I do not understand the need some people have to exercise nearly naked.  Running around and biking around shirtless (when most in the midwest should NOT go for the option :S) or in a sport bra really doesn’t keep you that much cooler.  In fact, opting to bare all lets the sun hit the skin directly, which I would think would heat you up and bake you!  Some running and biking gear even has fabric to reflect and protect against the sun and has fabric designed to keep you cool.  So, let’s not get naked.  Naked and shweddy???  No thanks.

3. Shweddy snarles.  My hair is in knots after a run.  I can barely rip a comb through my hair when I get home it’s all in little balls formed around the sweat.  Neat.

4. After the run, I have an incredible feeling of accomplishment.  Here is one kudos to running in the heat.  I feel like I just accomplished a tremendous feat.  I am looking forward to fall when I know training through this misery is going to pay off and I’m gonna kick some shweddy balls! (by the way guys, it’s called “getting chicked” when you get passed by a girl 🙂 )

5. Running in this heat has definitely made me slow down.  I am pretty sure my goals of a PR are long since evaporated, like the sweat pouring out of me.  It’s just too hot to pick up speed and not want to ralph.  Running and ralphing is not fun.  I should know, it’s happened (see The Hangover).  So, I’ve been running for fun and running the pace that feels good- which is slooooooowwwww.

So, rather than continue complaining, I’ll end this on a positive note…



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