Glad to be here!

My new mantra is inspired by John Foley- a former Blue Angel.  It first hit me yesterday during a tough tempo run.  I am HAPPY to be running.  I am GLAD to be out on the streets, the track, the treadmill letting my legs and my mind carry me.  I’m “glad to be here!”

Considering a year ago, I was forced to take the month of July off from running entirely due to severe shin splints.  (see this old post “Uh Oh!  We’ve Got a Gimper!”) Today, I am healthy, I’m capable of much more than I ever thought I was, and I continue to find new challenges to inspire me and keep me in love with this sport.  Glad to be here!

Yesterday morning, as we worked to maintain an 8:00min/mile pace for 5 miles, that mantra running through my head kept me focused and smiling.  This morning as I tackled 16 miles at an insanely early hour, that mantra kept me going and reminding myself how happy I am to be out running reminded me to take in my surroundings throughout the 2 and half hour run.  I witnessed an amazing sunrise.  The sky was pink and purple with lazy clouds in front of an amazingly orange and coral sun.  I said a prayer right there and then and thanked God for this amazing sight and this ability to run, the strength that He gives to persevere and the endurance to run 40-50 miles each week.  He is amazing!  I was awestruck.  My cup overfloweth.

Sometimes, we need a little set back, like a tight Achilles to remind us to just chill out!  And remember what brought us into this crazy sport of running and endurance training.  I love it.  I see sunrises that are gorgeous on a daily basis.  I have made some great friends that I never would have met.  And I am a healthier, happier person because of it.

To that, I say cheers my friends!


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