Olympic Dream

I am LOVING this running spoof with Mr. Bean from last night’s Olympics Opening Ceremony… I feel this way in the middle of my races!

Actually, I could have used a getaway car to help speed me up last night as I ran a 5k with a friend in Indianola for the Balloon Festival.  I passed my car TWICE on the 3.1 mile route… the second time was at mile 2.82 and it was tempting to stop!  When the gun went off at the start of the race at 7pm, I didn’t know if I wanted to be lazy or push it.  Well, I got caught up in the crowd and decided to push it.  So, by the time I passed my car the 2nd time, I was feeling a little like I might puke.  Stopping was tempting.  My mantra for the race was “how bad to you want this?”  and “dig deep!” Which is what Scott Jurek wrote on my race bib for Chicago 2011… it helps.  Dig deep when it hurts.  Dig deep when you want to give up. Dig deep when you want to puke.  I finished in 24:11, which is an average pace of 7:47 min/mile.  I actually had realy bad time splits- lost 10 seconds in 2nd mile and another 20 in the 3rd.  I seem to be stuck at that pace and given my speed work, I should be a lot better than that.  I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but I’ve pateaued and I need to find a way to crest again.  Anyhoo, my friend Kate and I had a great evening run followed by healthy snacks of white bean hummus, guacamole, sunflower pate, and homemade low cal margaritas :).  Oh yeah, all that was pool side.  Here we are post- race:

Kate and I post- race!

I should mention, we both placed 3rd in our age groups :).  Gotta love entering smaller races.  It’s such a boost to your ego!

This morning I woke up early and ran 10 miles with the See- Us Run Des Moines group.  I ran with a senior named Jordan and a recent grad, Max.  I learned all about who’s dating who and who recently broke up… it was interesting for sure even though I have no idea who these kids are.  Jordan and Max kept a consistent pace of 10 minutes/mile and finished strong, kicking up the pace the last half mile.  It was a good easy run!

Tomorrow, Kate and I have our 20 miler on tap as we are now 5 weeks out from the Women Rock Marathon in St. Paul. I’m ready mentally!  I haven’t run more than 16 miles though since the attempt to finish the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon end of May.  So, hopefully my legs are as ready as my mind.  More on that tomorrow- it’s nap time for this girl!


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