Learning to love the taper

I am 8 days out from my next marathaon- Women Rock in St. Paul.  I am ready!  And for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to next week where I will cut back my mileage significantly in order to give my body a rest and let my muscles repair themselves before the race.

Usually I hate what is called “tapering.”  Not this time.  I’m tired and sore.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to run shorter, sleep in longer, and take more rest days in a week than usual.  A friend said it best yesterday “Isn’t it sad that you actually look forward to taper week so you can “rest” before you beat your body to a pulp?”  That couldn’t be more true!  Sad, but true :).  And that is EXACTLY what I’m looking forward to.  “resting” for one week so that I can beat myself up running 26.2 miles through downtown St. Paul.

What do you love or hate about taper week?


One thought on “Learning to love the taper

  1. My first half marathon is in about 9 days and I’m into my taper week. I’ve never tapered before so it feels strange to me after working my rear end off for 12 weeks to do so little. Haha I hope it pays off! 😀 Good luck on beating up your body during your marathon!


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