Pounding the Pavement… Will Frustration= Speed??

Tomorrow is the Women Rock Marathon!  I cannot believe it’s here already!  I am hitting the road to travel to St. Paul in 2 hours…

This week has given me plenty of reasons to hit the ground running… and pound the pavement… HARD!  This week has not been the best.  I feel like a piece of sand that is being tossed around in the waves, getting tumbled over and over and over and over and… well, you get the picture :).

I had a situation with a tenant moving out of a townhome I rent.  Let’s just say she bailed on the final walk through and to say I found the home in “disarray” is putting it very lightly.  I must be a very naive person because the irresponsible acts of this person and the dishonesty sure shocked the pants off of me!  Oh, and a broken window to boot.

The next night, we were getting ready to celebrate Bisou’s birthday with a paw-ty (remember that cute pic I posted on Wednesday?  What can I say, she’s spoiled like she’s my kid 🙂 ). Well, just after I text my mom and confirmed what time to come over, Bisou had what is a best guess, a seizure.  Needless to say, I quickly became a wreck.  Somehow, I kept it together to call my mom to cancel.  Luckily, my mom was nearby and said she was coming over to help.  At this point, Bisou was struggling, but trying to get up.  When I grabbed her leash, she came over, tail wagging, but I could tell she was not normal.  She was wobbly, kind of like Bambi was in the movie when her legs kept giving out on her and she would collapse to the ground.  Bisou managed to walk out of the house and I scooped her up and into my car.  I called the vet in a frantic panic as we drove Bisou there.  Bisou seemed to get worse in the car, so we pulled over and I hopped in the back to hold her and my mom hopped in the driver’s seat.  By the time we got to the vet, Bisou wasn’t mobile.  She couldn’t move her legs so my mom and I each scooped up the 73 pound girl and carried her in.  Once there, the vet and the team were AMAZING!  I cannot be more thankful for how they calmed me, examined Bisou, calmed her, and handled everything with efficiency and poise.  Thankfully, all of Bisou’s blood work came back good.  So, that left the episode somewhat a guess as to what had occurred.  By the time we were discussing the results of the lab tests, Bisou was walking around, trying to jump on my mom, and pretty soon, she was darting around the exam room anxious to get out of there!  She was still wobbly, but mobile and a LOT better!  With nothing showing on the tests, the diagnosis: a seizure.

Good news, about 2/3 of dogs only have 1 episode and that’s it. There is the other 1/3 that have repeats and are put on medication.  So, I’ve been watching my girl closely since and she is amazing.  Back to her normal self, chasing squirrels, jumping onto things (of course things she shouldn’t be, but she is getting off easier with a lot more since then- what can I say, I’m a push over!).

So, with that, my body is aching to run.  To pound the pavement and let this frustration go.  Who knows, maybe it’ll translate into a very good race tomorrow once my feet hit the road.



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