The Things Kids Come Up With…

I am having a blast with coaching Girls on the Run and mentoring See- Us Run Des Moines.  The time flies by, mostly because the kids never cease to amaze me!

On Sunday, I ran the 10 mile Capitol Pursuit race with a senior girl at Roosevelt High School.  We ran side by side with her younger sister, who’s a junior and her mentor.  The girls were hilarious, good natured, and really made the run so much fun!  We started out at a good pace.  Around mile 2 and half we hit the first hill and the girls slowly slipped behind us.  Realizing that the girls didn’t like the hill, I turned around and ran backwards when we got to the next one and asked if they’ve ever used a mantra before?  I explained what it was, how it helped, and shared that mine is power! when I tackle hills.  They thought about it and blurted out FOOD!  They were already thinking about the snacks they wanted to munch on post-race and decided that would power them up and over the hill.  Then, as an added incentive, they declared that I was now a green gummy bear and the other mentor a yellow one that they would chase down for the rest of the run.  Hilarious!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I use food as a motivator to finish runs (Sunday, Caribou Coffee was calling my name and keeping me moving 🙂 ), but I have NEVER thought to use that as a mantra- maybe I’ll try it as I tackle my pace run on Thursday morning.

The girl I was mentoring also got a case of the burps after each water stop.  I told her to just let it all out and… well… she did!  Unashamedly!  The funny part is, this girl is tiny- smaller than me, and I’m only 5’3″ :).  I seriously had so much fun running with them and listening to them giggle all the way.

The 3rd-5th graders I coach at Girls on the Run are funny in a different way.  Today, I swear, 2/3 of them had come down with some sort of “ailment” by the time we ended our session in an attempt to sit and relax on the grass and pass the time.  First one had a stomach ache.  We told her to walk, not run.  Second one had a sore toe and sat down to examine her foot and her shoe in detail.  Pretty soon her friends had gathered around her.  We encouraged her friends to keep running.  As they passed by on their next lap, I heard complaints of a sore heel, a sore toe opposite from the sore toe the friend was still examining.  We asked the sore toe girl if she could start walking and test it out for a bit and off she went- running actually- to catch up with her friends.  Then another group of girls, this time a stomach ache was the culprit again.  Again, we encouraged them to walk, not run.  By the time we called the girls to sit down for our wrap up, at least half were complaining of tummy aches, sore this, and sore that.  Hilarious!  You could see their brains turning trying to think of another excuse that might lead to them sitting out of today’s workout.  Another interesting fact from today:  we were talking about healthy habits and playing a game with the girls sharing what healthy habits they practice and seeing who else in the group practices the same one.  About 3 girls admitted to not brushing their teeth every morning!  I had to laugh- especially since one of their moms works for Delta Dental :).

I know I’ve been lacking on my posts lately and I apologize about that.  Truth is, I’ve been feeling like arse since the Women Rock Marathon a month ago.  Today, I finally had a semblance that I was myself again.  I’ve self-diagnosed with a brain tumor, exercise induced amnesia, and mono.  None of those I would actually like to have, so here’s hoping I feel like myself tomorrow again too!  While I’m faltering to inspire myself these days, I’m thankful I have a good group of kids to keep me motivated.



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